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Service Manager
Service Manager
SpyOver is a leading competitive intelligence tool for native advertising.
If you wanted to be ahead of your competitors, then there is a need for you to use native ads spy tools - SpyOver.

What SpyOver can do for you:
-> provides the best ads on 8 ad networks including MGid, Taboola, Outbrain and others in USA, Canada and more than 30 countries of Europe
-> explore the current trends in the native advertising industry
-> easy-to-use platform
-> detailed statistics on different criteria (country, grid, devices, etc).​
It’s not only that, native ads spy tools are also a great time saver as well, since you can gain access to tons of ads and its data in just seconds. You can study those ads, analyze them & can build your own campaign based on those data or improve your own. Moreover, it helps you to be on the cutting edge and ahead of the competition.:rolleyes: