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The 60-Day Experiment Launch

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by jmusselwhite, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. jmusselwhite

    jmusselwhite New Member

    The 60-Day Experiment Launch
    An Affiliate Revenue Formula Designed to Reward Affiliates for Years

    David Perdew is in this for the long haul. He is looking for affiliates to promote this exciting new launch set for September 25.

    So, what is The 60-Day Experiment?

    It's a very in-depth series of courses about creating income streams in real-time. I create products, membership sites, joint ventures, residual income opportunities, and any other income opportunity that strikes the members fancy. Each lesson is like a case study on an aspect of a marketing topic. And there are 60 of them!

    Because this is real-time and live, we often look at what works and what doesn't. All the mistakes are documented too which helps all the participants learn quickly and gain borrowed wisdom.

    JV Launch Highlights

    60% commissions for JV Partners during the official two-week launch window (50% LIFETIME commissions for ALL Affiliates outside the official two-week launch window).

    $27 initial cost for The first 60-Day Experiment. 60% commission = $16.20
    $97 Elite (Lifetime) Membership upgrade. 60% commission = $58.20
    Total possible commission during this promotion = $74.40

    But that?s just the beginning. You MUST see the JV page which explains the tremendous financial potential in store for you beyond what you see here.

    You can promote this forever. As each course is released, the price goes up during another launch.


    All the information that you need, including a signup page, can be found at

    Go there NOW! Everything you need to begin promoting The 60-Day Experiment immediately!

    You can read about The 60-Day Experiment on the sales page at http://www.the60dayexperiment.com/in/course1.htm



    To join this affiliate program simply sign up for a free membership at

    How to contact

    Email my Affiliate Manager, Jim Musselwhite, at [email protected]
    or by phone at (678) 560-8339

    Or David Perdew, [email protected]

    To your JV Success,

    Jim Musselwhite
    Affiliate Manager, The 60-Day Experiment
    [email protected]
    "Because nothing grows revenue better, for the investment, than a strong, well-managed affiliate program"
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