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Text Links For Sale

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by JoyB, May 10, 2007.

  1. JoyB

    JoyB Affiliate affiliate


    We are offering text links for a very reasonable price at Chat Daily

    Site Information

    The forum has been open for 12 months and as we moved servers four weeks ago I only have stats for April 2007. Page Views 383,673 Hits 2,870,380 - The site is Page Rank 4

    1. Text Links displayed in 'Forum Affiliates Box'
    • Your link will be displayed in our 'Forum Affiliates Box' on the index page
    • A short description/link in our newsletter
    • You will be offered a sponsor account without an additional fee
    Subscriptions are as follows:
    • £5 - one month
    • £9 - two months
    • £13 - three months
    • £25 - six months
    • £30 - 1 year
    (Please Note: Once you have advertised as a 'forum affilate', any future advertising will be half price as long as you advertise the same site for the same duration)


    2. Text Links (footer)

    We also offer cheap text links in the footer. The links will be displayed at the bottom of the main forum page. Unlike the 'Forum Affiliates' you will not get a mention in our newsletter nor will you receive any future advertising costs at half price.

    Subscriptions are as follows:
    • £1.00 ($3) - one month
    • £4.50 ($9) - six months
    Ordering Information

    PayPal is the only accepted method of payment. If you're interested please post here or PM me [​IMG]
  2. terraleads

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