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Text-Link-Ads $$ How to Make Money

Linda Buquet

(From the 5 Star Blog)

I've blogged a lot lately about <a target="_new" href="">finding your niche</a> and offered numerous free tools to help you do just that. So what happens when you find a niche you are passionate about that you can generate great content for. What if the niche doesn't have high profit keywords for Adsense or good affiliate programs to profit from. How can you monetize that type of site? One of the best ways is to become a <strong><a target="_new" href="">Text-Link-Ads</a></strong> publisher. Jamsi over at WorkBoxers gives you some tips and insight into generating site profits with Text-Link-Ads.

<center><a target="_new" href=""><img src="" alt="text link ads" /></a></center>

<blockquote>"Sometimes the content we love to create doesn?t come with a high cost per click. If you write a blog such as this, you?ll learn that Adsense doesn?t pay .. and doesn?t pay well.

By selling Text-Link-Ads, I?m officially earning more than what Adsense will ever bring in. There seems to be a new ?plan of action? to make money online amongst the webmaster world, so let me lay it down straight."</blockquote>

Read the rest over at WorkBoxers <a target="_new" href="">Getting Rich from Text-Link-Ads</a>.

<strong>Reminder Text-Link-Ads also offers a <a target="_new" href="">5 Star rated Affiliate Program</a>, where you can earn $25 each for either buyers or sellers of text links that are approved as advertisers or publishers. So that's another way to earn revenue. Read the <a target="_new" href="">5 Star Review</a> and join here.</strong>

Has anyone here been a TLA affiliate, publisher or advertiser?
Tell us about your experiences...