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Testing Results for POF Mature Dating Campaign

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by SherrieB, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. SherrieB

    SherrieB Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all,

    Have had lots of advice, and have taken a little from everyone who's been kind enough to give it.

    Here are the daily results of my testing so far.

    September 14

    Impressions : 13,800
    3 clicks
    CTR : 0.022%

    Started POF mature dating campaign as follows;

    • Targeting : Males
    • Age group : 50 - 55
    • 7 different images with 3 texts to create 21 creatives
    • Daily budget : $15
    • CPC : 0.36 cents
    • Marital status : Divorced/widowed
    • Body type : Few extra lbs/average
    • Education : Some college
    • Drinking habits : Social
    • Frequency : Evenly as opposed to asap

    Working with the above, was getting very few impressions and after 36 hours, had only 3 clicks and spent only $8.

    September 15

    Impressions : 9,300
    4 clicks
    CTR : 0.043%

    Continuing with testing

    September 16

    Impressions : 37,000
    Clicks : 22
    CTR : 0.059%

    • Added two more age groups; 56 – 61 and 61 – 70, and ran as three separate campaigns, in rotation.
    • Removed the education and drinking habits to give the creatives wider exposure, but kept everything else the same. This resulted in a lot more impressions and a higher CTR, but still no conversions.

    September 17

    Impressions : 38,000
    Clicks : 22
    CTR : 0.058%

    • Bought and read 'Ca$hvertising'.
    • Modified the ads in line with the advice in the book, and once they'd been approved, continued with testing. This time, the CTR was much higher

    September 18

    Impressions : 68,500
    Clicks : 38
    CTR : 0.055%

    Continuing with testing

    19th September

    Impressions : 55,000
    Clicks : 41
    CTR : 0.074%

    • First conversion

    20 September

    Impressions : 58,000
    Clicks : 68
    CTR : 0.117%

    • 5 conversions
    • Started another campaign targeting women – same three age groups

    21 September

    Impressions : 59,000
    Clicks : 34
    CTR : 0.057%

    • 1 conversion
    • Removed divorced/widowed
    • Changed the frequency cap from 3 to 5
    • Paused any creatives which had either no clicks, or a very low CTR, after 5,000 impressions and left the remaining creatives to run

    22 September

    Impressions : 62,500
    Clicks : 53
    CTR : 0.085%

    • 2 conversions
    • Reinstated divorced/widowed
    • Changed the frequency cap back to 3

    23 September

    Impressions : 69,000
    Clicks : 61
    CTR : 0.088%

    • 1 conversion
    • Have paused all current campaigns whilst I give some thought as to how I can improve the CTR and conversion rate. Any help/advice on this particular point would be appreciated please – thanks :)

    24 September (today)

    • Started two more campaigns targeting men and women aged between 61 – 70
    • 2 conversions so far today

    I hope this information might be of use to someone. - I hope it all makes sense!

    Like I said, I’d be grateful for any feedback please – in the meantime, I’m continuing with testing and will post back here with further results.



    EDIT : September 25

    Forgot to mention that I have spent a total of $168 to achieve 12 conversions, and earned $72, so the ROI is pretty dismal.

    However, I wasn't sure I'd make anything at all, so I'm taking on board what I've learned and hoping it'll work better when I apply it in my next campaign.

    Also, as per some very helpful advice from Ben, I've decided to stop the campaigns subject of this case study, and am starting over with what I hope will be a more profitable one.

    Will post again here when I have some results.
  2. newbidder
  3. Angelman

    Angelman Affiliate affiliate

    Wow, awesome work Sherrie, talk about taking positive action, I could learn a lot from you when it comes to that! I will let the folk with more experience with POF jump in with any suggestions for you, but just wanted to drop in and leave a comment. Love the detailed breakdown of your stats, will surely help you keep on the right track and stay accountable, not to mention hopefully allow people to drop into this thread and help you out and make suggestions.
  4. benpof

    benpof Affiliate affiliate


    Good on you for taking action, can you please email me your account so I can take a look and give you some suggestions?


  5. BrianD

    BrianD Affiliate affiliate

  6. SherrieB

    SherrieB Affiliate affiliate


    Thanks Angelman :)

    Taking action was the hardest part - I am the world's worst procrastinator - but hugely liberating!

    As I said, I'll post updates/results here as and when.

    Cheers for now,

  7. SherrieB

    SherrieB Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Ben - that'd be fantastic! :D

    I'll email you the details now.


  8. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Sherrie, this is absolutely awesome. Great to see you taking action, this is the best way to gather knowledge as everyones experiences will differ.

    Couple of questions:

    1) Are you still using the body type targeting?
    2) Are you using a landing page or direct linking?

    Will just start with these two questions then ask more later.

    Either way, congratulations on getting stuck in!

    P.S. This thread is a testament to CPAFix, great to see people showing such support and good will, this is what this industry should be about!
  9. SherrieB

    SherrieB Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Dru,

    Thanks for your comments :)

    Am going to test both with and without body type targeting, and am using direct linking at the moment.

    I'm very new to this, so all I'm doing is testing, testing and then testing again - some things have worked and some haven't, but I'm picking things up as I go.

    Almost all of the information that got me started was found on this forum - it's an amazing place to learn.

    Like I said, when I've got more results, I'll post here again.


  10. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Sounds like you are doing great getting stuck in so far. One thing I would probably recommend.,,,,

    Implement a landing page. It's ok direct linking to test if the traffic holds up or the quality but for a long term, sustainable campaign I would always recommend building a landing page. It doesn't need to be anything complex yet it can give you a lot more control.
  11. blillard

    blillard Affiliate affiliate

    The first thing that jumped out to me was the targeting you were using, it was pretty deep IMO. Are you split testing your images with your better performers seeing if you can boost your CTR even more?
  12. SherrieB

    SherrieB Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Dru,

    Thanks for the tip :)

    I'm actually trying to get my head around landing pages at the moment, but am a little confused as to how to pass sub-ID's through to POF via a landing page. I've got a landing page ready to go, I'm just trying to figure out what to do with it!

    If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it - thanks.

    Cheers for now,

  13. SherrieB

    SherrieB Affiliate affiliate

    Hi blillard,

    Yes, I'm split testing with the better performing images and de-activating the ones which aren't performing.

    Have been experimenting with the targeting and so far, it seems that what's currently in place is what's worked best on this particular campaign so far. Mind you, the conversion rate is still low, so there's obviously still a lot of testing to do.


  14. affimage

    affimage Affiliate affiliate

    The most important part of a POF or FB ad is the ad image. It plays a huge part in your ad's CTR. Test your image first
  15. blillard

    blillard Affiliate affiliate

    How is the campaign going for you, any updates?
  16. baliboy

    baliboy Affiliate affiliate

    wait your update SherrieB
    ... that's great sharing for us..

    Thanks a lot...
  17. CPAPro

    CPAPro Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Bid can have big effect on conversation rate. What's your average CPM?

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