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Testimonials as Affiliate Tools


Hi everyone,

I just want to get a bit of feedback here. As an affiliate, do you find success when you place customer testimonials as content alongside textlinks for products you're pushing? Does it depend on the products you're pushing and your target audience?

I'd be interested in getting some feedback here as we're considering making product customer testimonials more readily available to affiliates as creatives in Share Results. :)

Thanks everyone!

Linda Buquet

I strongly recommend affiliates use testimonials and have written about it several times. I tell affiliates where they can get them too, if they aren't on the merchant site. But if the merchants and network offered testimonials as a creative or extra content - that would be BRILLIANT IMHO.

What do you guys think???


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SarahJane, I remember you from Geek/Talk over at GeekVillage, but it has been a while since you have posted there.

I have had mixed results with the customer testimonials, but more positive than negative.

I once did a survey on this and found that there are many people who believe the testimonials are just made up and they didn't pay much attention to them. But those that contained the name or even just the initials of a person along with the URL of their site did have an influence on some people. I found that some people would even contact those people to get them to confirm what was in the testimonial or to obtain additional information from them.

While it is possible for others to have different results, I found that if people had reason to believe the testimonials were sincere and from real people, they were often very helpful and did help achieve better results.


Hey Linda!

You'll be pleased to know that Danforth Diamond (a fantastic new diamond and jewelry merchant in SR, whom I happen to be managing) has a bunch of customer testimonials available to their affiliates. If anyone's interested, join Danforth Diamond - - then write me at and I'll set you right up!

And Larwee... yes, I did post a while back at GeekTalk! I'm very impressed that you remember because I didn't really forge out much of a profile there. Should I come back? ;)

And thanks for your feedback - I think we're going to give it a whirl and see how many of our merchants will provide us with customer testimonials. That way, at least our affiliates that would like to try them out have the option to do so. :)