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Terror Alert / Incident Notification Service for Mobile Devices



AlertsUSA is a specialized subscription alert service for mobile / wireless devices providing near real-time notification of terrorist threats, warnings, advisories and other related incidents or developments of national significance. Specifically designed as a tool to help increase situational and threat awareness, content is delivered using a combination of text messaging (initial alert) and WIRELESS STREAMING AUDIO (expanded alert details).

The service consists of two components:

A) Alerts
Notification of terrorism alerts, threats, warnings, events and other incidents or developments of national significance. Alerts may also be issued regarding developments that could signal an increased threat environment. Examples: New Al Qaeda video and audio msgs, significant fatwas, direct threats from other nation and U.S. direct action abroad. Unpredictable in frequency of occurrence.

B) Weekly National Situation Update
A concise weekly audio program providing an intelligent roundup of significant threats, warnings, advisories and other important homeland security news and information. Topics covered include border, port and transportation security, critical infrastructure protection, travel warnings and advisories, disaster response details, post incident follow up, and more. (Issued each Sat. afternoon)
Established in 2001, the AlertsUSA service leverages the breadth and resiliency of the national wireless infrastructure to deliver crucial homeland security threat, warning and response information to literally any mobile device, operating on any network, anywhere in the United States (incl. Alaska and Hawaii). Service for simple text devices (pagers, PDAs) and standard email addresses is also available.

The service is sold in 6 and 12-month subscriptions, priced at US$23.94 and US$45.00 respectively.

This is NOT an automated news service. Humans-in-the-loop.


Representing the AlertsUSA service on your website is an powerful way to earn generous commissions on an offering that is timely and relevant across all adult demographics. The accuracy and importance of the content, combined with the unique method of delivery, has made AlertsUSA extremely popular with the general public whom account for approximately 50% of our existing customer base.

The service is also in wide use within those professions / activities which inherently place individuals at higher risk, including:

- Law enforcement
- First response
- Government employees
- Security / risk management
- Transportation professionals (truck drivers, pilots, etc)
- Frequent travelers​


Prog Type: % Per Sale
Comm Rate: 15.00% Per Sale + Incentive Increase
Cookie Expiry: 120 Days (Repeat Commission)
Fulfillment: Immediate Subscriber Device Activation

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