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TeeChip for Phone Cases

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Niche Optimizer, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. Niche Optimizer

    Niche Optimizer Affiliate affiliate

    Hey y'all.

    I've been working on finding a good reliable service to offer phone cases, hats/caps and other accessories that people would buy related to a community.

    I found Teechip 2 days ago and did a few campaigns to test it out.

    One of those picked up pretty good and I'll share the screenshots so far (it was a 3 day campaign and is half way through).

    I've attached the screenshots below.

    Anyway biggest things I took from it so far... listen to your girlfriend. I was going to sell them for $10 each and she said she'd pay $20. Because of that I'm making 3x more than the company is making for the cases sold.

    Along with this, I realize a community is pretty dang vital.

    I've used Teespring in the past and it's cool, but the only way I was successful is with a community backing me.

    I run 3 big pages which I'm going to use once each every week with a new campaign that lasts 3 days. During the off time I'll just have posts scheduled to come out and admins to handle them.

    Each page consists of 100,000 fans (which took a while to build). I'm using basic fb ads and have spent a total of $40 so far.

    There ya go, shoot me questions and let me know if someone knows a good cap/hat crowdsourcing seller similar to these.

    limited1.png limited2.png limited3.png limited4.png
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  2. terraleads
  3. Niche Optimizer

    Niche Optimizer Affiliate affiliate

    $553 profit
    35 sold
    1.06% conversion rate
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  4. Ninja Marketer

    Ninja Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    Never heard about them. Sound looks good. Keep sharing your sells update mate. Anyway have your tried twitter?
  5. instahub

    instahub Affiliate affiliate

    I've heard bad reviews for teechip regarding their shipping and support,do you use them for t-shirts as well?
  6. Mrearn

    Mrearn Member affiliate


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