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Taking an affiliate banner and linking it to my aff url.

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by positivecarry, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. positivecarry

    positivecarry New Member

    I signed up with a merchant and they gave me an affiliate url and access to banners. I can only click on the banner and save as. How do I link my affiliate url to the banner. I am going to put this in a wordpress blog to make it look more professional and have them click through it to go to the affiliate site. Right now, all that would happen if they clicked on the banner is it would go to a page with a larger banner and nothing else. I have no code as far as I can tell for this banner. Is it impossible then to combine the banner and my aff url to make one clickable unit? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  2. terraleads
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    It's easy in WordPress.

    In your admin panel hit image.

    Enter the url of the image.

    Enter a description of the image (the keywords, this will be in add an alt tag to image for SEO>)

    Now you will see a string that looks like:
    < img src="bannerurl" alt="keyword" />

    Highlight the whole string and click Link in your wordpress menu.

    When finished you will see
    < a href="affiliatelink">< img src="http://bannerurl" alt="keyword" /></a>
    (had to add some spaces to get url string to display

    Then when you publish or preview you should see the banner and
    when you click it should go to the merchant.

    Always test your links though to be sure they are tracking.
    So after you click, log in to affiliate program and be sure the click showed up.
  4. positivecarry

    positivecarry New Member

    Sadly, this merchant has horrible tracking , no click counter or anything, its a small operation and I have been getting good traffic to it with so far only one purchase that didn't convert because they claimed that the person abandoned the shopping cart twice in two different attempts 7 days apart. I emailed them about this and they seemed as though they knew all the information the person had typed in but all they told was that it looked odd and that all other affiliates had been converting properly. So, I think I 'll try to get a conversion for a few weeks and if nothing then switch.

    Thank you very much for your help. I am sure with the title many others will see it and be helped out, so it was well worth the time and I greatly appreciate it.
  5. Dave Wenty

    Dave Wenty Affiliate affiliate

    I would find a new affiliate program to link to. Most of them offer the linking url for you. This seems to me to be a little suspicious. If it does not track correctly then you will not be getting the sales that you have rightfully sent them.
    I would try and find a complimentary affiliate program and use them instead. It should convert the same, if you can find an affiliate program similar.

    When becoming an Affiliate tracking system, commission, payment dates and creatives should be the first indicator of a good affiliate program. Of course along with a dozen other questions that are specific to your needs. ;)
  6. positivecarry

    positivecarry New Member

    Yeah , I am sending them 100 targeted users/day for a week and I can't track anything on their end except when a sale goes through. I really have no confidence in their systems. Time to switch.

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