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TAG Management

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Leesa Gregory, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Leesa Gregory

    Leesa Gregory Affiliate affiliate

    Aside from increased marketing strategy and improved site performance what are the other advantages of tag management in digital marketing? Knowing that these tags collects visitor's behavior information can it protect consumer’s privacy?
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  3. tinkerpit

    tinkerpit Affiliate affiliate

    Increased marketing agility by not having to wait for already overburdened IT staff to deploy vendor tags brings a huge amount of freedom and increased efficiency. also, marketing staff is empowered to act faster via tag management, IT staffers are now free to work on more strategic projects.
  4. amar478

    amar478 Affiliate affiliate

    Tag management is one among those foundation promoting tools that runs on the back-end. whereas most digital marketers have a basic understanding of tag management applications, they will not absolutely perceive the advantages, feature set, or doubtless ROI. Admittedly, Tag Management isn’t the sexiest promoting topic. However, once you bring up empowering digital marketers to possess, collect and act on their knowledge in real time, then Tag Management starts to sounds lots a lot of fascinating.
  5. Leesa Gregory

    Leesa Gregory Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the responses. I have read quite a lot of advantages of tag management as well as its limitation. Makes me wonder if the pros weighs out the cons. The question is, Is there anyone who has the first hand experience dealing with tag management? This is entirely new to me.