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Tactics to increase CR

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Sunnie Almobi, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Sunnie Almobi

    Sunnie Almobi Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Friends,
    Today,I will show you some Tactics to increase CR.
    Tactics To Increase Your Conversion Rates
    1. Hold Their Hand!
    Website users and pretty much the whole world want things easy. So if your selling something to someone, make it easy for them! Show them exactly where to go, and how to do it. Think baby steps, and very direct explanations. 1 -> 2 -> 3. (flow chart style)
    2. Big Bold Headlines
    Keep your headline simple yet creative. You want to capture users attention while demonstrating a key selling point in the headline. Make it clear and simple.http://www.addictivefonts.com/basic/...big-headlines/
    3. Welcome Users From Their Previous Website
    A lot of the time you have traffic coming from a select few websites. This is the case when advertising on Google, Facebook, Plenty of Fish, and even PPV. Make your landing page welcome them from there previous site. (This tactic has been a campaign changer for me, increasing my conversion rate by over 30%).The simplest way to do this is to get script that shows the logo of the users previous site, and add it to the top. It can be as simple as "Welcome ' Facebook' Users", or 1 step above is "Free For 'Facebook' Users". Make sure it's clear andusing a logo is way better than using the word'Facebook'.
    Facebook doesn't allow their logo on your landing page, so you'll have to get a different landing page up for when you submit your ads. All other traffic sources don't have an issue with it.
    4. Whats Your USP?
    USP = unique selling point. It's what makes you different from your competition. Even if your promoting dating you need to have a USP. Whats going to make people fill out YOUR lead? Give them a reason, and this is what the unique selling point is for.
    5. Have A Campaign Angle
    If you've read my other stuff you see i'm always stressing this! -- Separate yourself from the herd with a campaign angle. If your promoting dating, don't just promote dating, take an angle with your campaign which will set you apart and increase your conversion rates. Everyone knows if your the first to get in you'll make the most money. Well in affiliate marketing it's not easy to invent a niche, so you have to invent an angle for an already profitable niche.
    No Angle = Meet a lovely women now!
    Good Angle = "We're overloaded with women, men signup free this week only!"
    *You want to try to demonstrate this angle in your landing page
    6. Who's Your Target Market?

    Know your target market! This is the group of people your advertising to. Your likely advertising to a very select group of people, and every group of people have different things that appeal to them. So research YOUR target market, and find what what appeals to them. Then base your landing page / campaign angle around that.
    7. URGENCY!!!!
    Urgency makes sales happen now! If anyone has seen boiler room then you know what i mean. Urgency is used everywhere to make sales. It's not the most ethical tactic, but it's a working one.
    There are 2 main tactics i use in my landing pages to create urgency!
    A) End dates! --> "Price goes up $100 in 14 minutes"
    B) Countdown Script! --> "You only haven 04:59 left"
    8. Geo Targeting
    Targeting people based on their location can really increase your conversion rates if your in the right niche. You see it used all the time in dating because dating depends on peoples locations, but it can also be used for many other niches.
    ie: "Sarah in Dallas, TX won a free iPad" (The Dallas TX in this case would be the geoscript, so everyone viewing the script would see their own location!)
    I will show next part tomorrow.....
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  2. terraleads
  3. SamAF

    SamAF Affiliate affiliate

    looks like the link in the post is broken.
  4. Maxin

    Maxin Affiliate affiliate

    Sunnie..I think you just created a Hall of Fame post:D
    Great pointers!

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