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Super Affiliate Thinking for Success in 2006

Linda Buquet

This is a GREAT article and I love the way it's written. It really has important points for affiliates that want to excel in this industry and surpass the level of achievement that have already reached. Reading and implementing these 10 tips will be a great way to prepare for the coming year. This was written by the trainers over at Affiliate Classroom, one of the leading places to learn and grow in this business.
"Contrary to popular belief, super-affiliates don?t really DO things differently than affiliate underachievers. Super-affiliates promote the same products. They use the same SEO techniques. They have the same headaches. And they work just as hard.

But super-affiliates THINK differently. Their minds and attitudes go far beyond the commission check. For them, affiliate marketing is not just a business. It?s a CAREER. And that professional mindset makes a huge difference in how and when they take action in the marketplace.

I?ve worked side by side with many super-affiliates. I?ve even helped create a few. They all share a special kind of mindset. So as you read these 10 characteristics of affiliate super-achievers, ask yourself, ?Could I learn to think this way??
I especially like secret #10! Go read them all then come back and discuss it.
10 Secrets Of The Super-Affiliate Mindset