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S'up Thanksgiving



Anyone doing anything good for Thanksgiving this year?
What do other countries celebrate this time of year?

Linda Buquet

I'm doing Turkey Day with my daughter's inlaws. I've never been with them for Turkey day so not real sure. Big family meal, normal traditions I assume.

As always my big deal is just getting to spend time with my grand daughter and watch all the new tricks she's learning. She just got really good at blowing good- bye kisses. We had her blow a kiss to our waitress Friday nite when I took them out to dinner. It's so adorable when she does it - made the poor waitress break out in tears. :)

What's everyone else doing? Anyone traveling to visit family???


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In my part of the country some things depend on weather this time of the year. We are suppose to start getting some snow in a few hours. Bad winter weather is always possible around here.

I don't exactly know what I'll be doing. One thing I do know I will be doing is working on some of my sites. I do that seven days a week, every single day of the year. I don't take days off or take vacations.

I also know I'll spend some time checking on 5 Star just in case some of the spammers might think it would be a good day for them because no one will be around due to the holiday.

Then there is the day after Thanksgiving. I know I'm going to stay inside all day, unless I need to go outside and remove some snow. I don't plan to go anywhere. Things are very wild that day with people going shopping. Some places become so crowded that it is almost impossible to move around in them.

The good thing is that I have long been in the habit of doing as much as I can at places that are open 24 hours a day. I often go shopping between midnight and 6 in the morning. It is really peaceful then - especially around 3 in the morning. But I'm sometimes checking things at 5 Star during those hours as well.

Linda Buquet

Larry you are such a night owl and workaholic. Spammers could never get much done at 5 star cuz you are always here. (Thank you!) Don't know how you can go without sleep the way you do.

Hope the weather holds out and REALLY hope you take some time off on Turkey day to be with family.


New Member
Happy Thanksgiving to all the American members, hope you enjoy the feast and time spent with family :)

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving back in early October, but this weekend brings another one of my favorite fall events - the Grey Cup!

It's the championship game for the CFL - basically the Canadian Superbowl, and our very own Montreal Alouettes will be playing so I'll be glued to the TV on Sunday :D

Linda Buquet

So what's everyone cooking and/or eating??? Just found out our Turkey Day menu and what I'm contributing.

My daughter's inlaws are doing all the traditional Turkey stuff...
stuffing, mash potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes.
They had everything covered and didn't leave anything for me to cook/bring.

So I'm being just a little different and cooking a ham - But not just any ham.
I'm doing a sprial sliced ham with apricot, cranberry glaze made with brown sugar and dijon mustard.

I never follow recipes, it goes against my grain. Left over from my rebellious teen age years I guess. :p
So I'm just throwing the glaze together til it tastes right and hoping for the best. WISH ME LUCK!

Actually I'm a really good cook and even though I always wing it - my cooking always turns out pretty good. Or so they tell me. :)

What are you guys having???


So How Was It?

How was your Thanksgiving everyone?

I went to a friend's house and had such a nice time.
I really like spending this holiday with good friends
surrounded by a ton of food! :D

Linda Buquet

Hi Bobbie,

Glad you had a good one.

Mine was awesome and my ham was the hit of the party. Did an apricot, cranberry, dijon glaze that everyone absolutely loved - even people that don't normally eat ham. The ham was also a hit because the turkey showed up pratically RAW. When they carved it - the poor thing was bleeding. Totally gross! So we had to carve, then zap in micro. Kinda killed the flavor.

Anyway, lots of extended family and some fun games. Really had a nice time.

Linda Buquet

The 2nd Coming of Thanksgiving

My daughter and her sister-in-law LLLOOOVVVEEE Turkey and wanted a really good Turkey Day dinner with lots of leftovers.

So we are having a 2nd Thanksgiving meal tonight.

There are only 7 of us but I bought a big ole 22 lb turkey so everyone can have plenty of leftovers. Everyone is bringing their share of traditional holiday favorites. So Turkey Day #2 is here.

If I can't waddle over to the computer tomorrow I may not be here.
KIDDING!!! I'll be here! :p