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Byron, Ken is right. You should give more details in order for people to be able to help you.

I know what you are talking about because I read every post. I need to do that in order to perform my duties as I should. But most people don't read every post, so won't know what you are talking about.

Bryon has tried AdWords and isn't happy with the results he is getting, or I probably say that he isn't getting.

Still in order for people to help you need to give as much of a full story as possible. The problem might not be with AdWords. It could be with what you are trying to promote, your presentation, the competition you are up against as well as other factors.

It is also possible there could be some free methods of better reaching your goals. Many things are possible. But in order to get the best possible help, you need to give as many details as possible.

Right now you might be wondering what you could do to try to get better results with AdWords. But once again, you need to give complete details in order to get the best possible answers from 5 Star members.


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Byron, it often takes time and some reading to understand something. I am going to provide you with several links. If you read all of this, you should understand how AdWords works and how to get it to work better for you.


Google Actually Does Work

Google actually does work - but like everything online you have to find a way to make it work for you. Google is by far the best paying and most effective for advertising and revenue as a publisher or advertiser

In general my advice is try different ways of doing something and test the results - then you will know if it works or not
All of the best strategies I have used with all sorts of marketing/advertising etc have all been discovered this way

When I first started a couple of years ago someone gave me some very good advice - which I ignored at first!! - they said:

Find out what everyone else is doing - and then do something completely different!!

So whatever system you are using with Google - either with Adwords or Adsense - YES they can both be made to work but it does take quite a bit of trial and error to find a system that works

To give you an example I lost quite a bit of money with Adwords with very poor results when I first started, but then I found a way of using lots of highly niched keywords and miss-spellings and BINGO I started getting results with it

If you are having troubles with Adsense - its really all about the layout of your pages, and the keywords you are targeting on those pages. Obviously the right type of content also helps - i.e. make sure you write your own content so that your site has unique original content.

Many people make the mistake of trying to target too many keywords on a single page, or trying to compete on keywords/keyword phrases with too many other sites already in the database of the search engines.

Hope theres something above that will point you in the right direction