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Streamlining campaign setup

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by jeff88, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. jeff88

    jeff88 Affiliate affiliate

    It seems that I am spending way to much time setting up campaigns. I think there's something that I'm missing or doing wrong. Please review my process and help me make it much faster.

    Step 1. (5 minutes) Spend time finding an offer that I have no idea how much longer will be active. For all I know it could be in a list of discontinued offers that I get emailed probably after it's been taken down. So even if I ramp it up, I could be flooding a discontinued offer.
    Step 2. (2 hours) Make landing page including:
    *downloading a bunch of pictures to rotate on the landing page for testing
    *making several headlines to rotate
    Step 3. (10 minutes) Get about 1500 related keywords
    Step 4. (1 hour) Sort keywords into related adgroups, write down negative keywords, delete unrelated keywords
    Step 5. (1 hour) Write ads for adgroups
    Step 6. (30 minutes) Set up tracking & make sure everything works

    For those of you marketing by PPC, does it take you this long each time? What should I do differently?
  2. newbidder
  3. java

    java Affiliate affiliate

    That seems about right,
    the (2h) landing page could change depending if you make your own LP or grab a template that would be related to your offer.
    -1h on sorting out kw, spyfu. com/Labs/Keyword-Groupie/ but is not sorting through the exciting list you have. so 1 h is about right.
    -step 5- adtextgenerator makes this easy for me.
    step 6- 1 campaign 3 adgroups would take about 5-10mins with testing the links.
    p202 used to take me 15min,
    bevo under 10min
  4. schwuller

    schwuller Affiliate affiliate

    this is an old post, but it's a good question and so i want to chime in.
    firstly, i typically do not create a lander UNTIL i've tested with direct-linking first. i find it's been more time-effective to test several offers this way first, and then, BASED ON THE KEYWORDS THAT PERFORMED WELL IN THE TEST, create the landers/funnels/autoresponder sequence, etc. using the data obtained from the direct linking campaigns.
    now, regarding your concern of offers being pulled, etc.: this is why i prefer the list-building approach. if the offer is pulled or paused, you simply plug in a related offer that will also convert for this traffic. and you should have several of those already identified because you will have rotated a few RELATED offers through this same traffic already.
    i.e. i may start off with free makeover email submit offer and two months later, in this same campaign, the offer may be an acai berry rebill offer! due to the fact that i rotated related offers through the same traffic and realized that the acai berry rebill offer far outperformed the original free makeover offer (example only).

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