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Stepping in the cpa game!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Evil Gates, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Evil Gates

    Evil Gates Affiliate affiliate

    I have been following CPA business for about one year.

    I love to read and learn something new so in this time span i have learned a lot about cpa and cpa marketing techniques. I can say that i have read almost every topic related to cpa dating from 2008 and learned a lot but never was motivated enough to get going with it.

    I even saw some new companies rise up to the top and some cpa lords fall.

    Now i have decided to put my Ideas, Plans and whatever i have learned to the test!

    I'm working with Adworkmedia.com and Peerfly.com and Many other networks for different monetization ;)

    From now onwards i'm going to start working on cpa and i'm getting in to it with the aim to do business not just to create some campaign and cash in the profit.

    I love reading but hate writing. seriously, its just bores me but i know if i share some of the ideas i have, it will help you guys make more profit.
    So once i get rolling with my work i'll share all the ideas time by time. i plan to share ideas once in a week :)

    I got three restrictions though
    Never Lie (not even to get leads) (no small, no big... Lie is a Lie)
    No dating campaign (it's the most profitable but yet i can't roll with it)
    Deliver what i promise (if i said i'll offer this service than i will however, no matter what!)

    With these three restrictions, knowledge and hope i am starting my cpa journey!

    Good Luck to me and all the IM's Grinding out there :)
  2. newbidder

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