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Starting Small Motivational Group of Affiliates With 3+ Years Experience

Discussion in 'Events and Networking' started by monasco, May 9, 2016.

  1. monasco

    monasco Affiliate affiliate

    We all face procrastination. That's why I'm trying to put together a group of affiliates in the 3-5 year experience range, preferably in the CPA space.

    If you already know what I'm talking about -- great! You are probably the right person. You've studied Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, etc. You're a master marketer, a copywriting expert. You've ran $100-$200/day campaigns. You know all the terminology in CPA marketing. You can set up your own tracking parameters, VPS, landing pages, etc. You've been to Affiliate Summit.

    If that's you.. I want to meet you and work with you together on putting our productivity in check, and grow our own businesses to the next level.

    This is a very common thing that entrepreneurs do: team up and motivate each other past their current peaks, or keeping each other persistent. So don't be shy or think this is awkward!

    It's not very easy for me to go out on the street and network with random CPA affiliates, simply because it's not a common 'career path'. But now, I'm very excited to open myself to meeting other CPA affililiates.

    See ya!
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