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Start-up company is looking for a UK-based senior web developer (budget: £10,000)

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by aves, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. aves

    aves Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone,

    Please find our job post below.

    Job title: Senior server-side and client-side developer
    Desired project time frame: 2 months full time / 4 months part time
    Desired location: You would preferably be based in or close to London (UK), but you must be based in the UK.

    Background: md8 LTD. is a London based tech startup. We are currently developing a very unique website for casual live discussions, focusing on user generated content and statistics.

    At the moment, we have secured enough seed capital for the development of a prototype application. Several core features (both client and server side) have already been developed and are awaiting integration.

    The remaining bulk of seed capital is going towards the development of the main application. This part of the project involves both client and server side development according to our technical specifications and website mockups.

    Job description:
    - Primary role (server side development): Plan, design and develop the entire back-end of the application.

    - Secondary role (client side development): You will be working as a team with our front-end developer and designer to deliver parts of this project, including final integration.

    - Tertiary role (sys admin): development/optimization/maintenance of server architecture.

    Core requirements:
    You must be skilled in and have excellent knowledge of:

    o HTML5, CSS3

    o JavaScript, jQuery (and/or other JavaScript libraries)

    o AJAX, JSON

    o PHP or JSP, SQL

    o The Apache web server

    o A UNIX or Linux based server operating platform

    - You should preferably be familiar with a few other programming languages, such as: C, Java, Python, etc.

    In addition, you must have extensive work experience in client and server side development and ideally have an educational background in the field of Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar.

    Person characteristics

    As a server/client side developer you will:

    - have a passion for computers and programming

    - be creative, come up with alternative/better ways of solving problems / writing code

    - be dedicated, motivated, honest, reliable and self-disciplined

    · Available funding: up to 10,000 GBP

    · Position type: permanent (following investment)

    · Opportunity to become CTO of the company

    Once we are able to demonstrate a working prototype and a solid management team, we will be able to secure VC funding and take this project into the next phase of development.
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