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Squeeze Page Question


Hi I want to get a squeeze page set up but I don't know how to build websites.

Does any one know where I can get one.

I am after some thing that is set up so I just type in my text.


If you search on google , you will find lots of stuff on making squeeze pages.

You could also find some squeeze page maker for free .

hope this helps.


Do a search for "Matthew Glanfield". He has an excellent series on setting up sqeeze pages and its free. I've been getting his emails for a while now and I am very pleased with the information I am getting.



Yes I have just finished watching Matthew Glanfield squeeze pages videos and found it great and very informative. Do check out the free trial.


Heres my review using Matthew's product

I'm sorry but I must say that Matthew Glanfield's Squeeze Page 2.0 product is not as good as they make it sound.

I tried it for a month or so and wasn't too pleased, heres why.

He has built a code template and all you need to do is fill in the boxs and content and appears exactly where it needs to on the webpage and it quite easy for the beginner (but even the beginner will get annoyed eventually).

Main points:

> very time consuming when you want to create multiple landing pgs for different traffic sources and just make small adjustments here and there (yu have to use there slow copy and paste method that takes forever and is such a burden for people that are involved with google adwords and creating different landing pgs for different keywords).

> not very flexible (theres not too many customizations you can do although you don't need to have a fancy landing page at all).

As it stands the main drawback is the user friendly way to customize and edit your pages and create new ones. The editing process takes an extremely long time and is too simplistic for the business person.

I would personal suggest getting a program called xsite pro which is the best, most comprehensive and easy to use web building program I have ever seen.

I create 10 websites (all the same) in half a second with their special feature.

The software does cost but the results will be 10 fold when you start using it for your campaigns.

I hope that helped.


Thanks Dorian,

I am familiar with Matty G and I am not a fan at all.

Apart from the limitations you mentioned.

Matty gets to see ALL of what is going on with your squeeze page.

I want to build my business rather than pay him for the privilage
of providing him with marketing data.