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SponsorWorks.net Affiliate Program Launches - 2-tier + lifetime commissions

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by m3p, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. m3p

    m3p Affiliate affiliate

    SponsorWorks.net provides powerful online marketing, ad presentation, ad tracking, and site monetizing tools and services to webmasters, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and basically anyone else with a web page.

    These tools and services are time-tested and in demand.

    Whether you want to boost your online revenue or jumpstart your own affiliate links, we've got what you need.

    For affiliates, we offer:

    - a great product
    - lots of ways to make money
    - lifetime cookies and commissions
    - a 2-tier structure
    - unparalleled tools

    For webmasters, we offer:

    - completely hosted solutions
    - three plans, Free Basic, Intermediate, and Professional
    - ad management and presentation tools
    - self-service ad space ecommerce tools
    - unique "SponsorWords" content monetization tool only available at SponsorWorks.net
    - tracking tools for any link, any html, any cookie, and any visitor action
    - and much more

    Affiliate marketers can visit the SponsorWorks.net Affiliate Program Page for more information.

    Webmasters, visit the SponsorWorks.net Overview Page for more information.

    Posted by James Raposa
    Founder/President, Millennium 3 Publishing
    Developer, SponsorWorks.net
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