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Some Major Pay per Click Search Engines


Pholma Pris

Use of technology for satisfying man's hunger is not a new story. With the advent of the Internet the modern business has been rendered new shape, with some awful mode of marketing and advertisement. The ppc search engine web marketing is the strongest mode. There exists a huge number of pay per click search engines, among which the ten top rankers are vividly discussed below.
* Google Adwords
* Overture
* MSN PPC Search engine
* Yahoo! Search Marketing
If you know any other information, you can reply me , it will be useful for everyone :)


New players in PPC search engine

There are some new players in PPC search engines list and they are :

1. Microsoft ad center : It allows you to target your ads to Live Search users who match your optimum target-market criteria.

2. Search feed : Search feed supports advertiser listings for countries in various world markets. Cost- effective one.


Google is still the best by far because of their reach. But there are other PPC search engine worth the try. Google may account for majority of Search engine users. But you don't target every potential market just by using one PPC IMO.


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On a quick note Overture became Yahoo which because Yahoo! Search. They are one in the same.

There are a ton of fantastic third tier engines to which work very well in various niches.


and there are other ones which could be a hit or miss like Miva.

jv17 - You can earn a ton of money with PPC, but you can also drain your bank account and fast so be very cautious and learn as much as you can before moving forward with it.

Also do not forget about the second tier with directories who have search like:


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PPC has definitely brought revolution in the marketing business. In the Pay Per Click advertising format, everything you do, even the price you're willing to pay, is under your control. You get to bid however much you want to pay for your keywords. But the best part is; only when someone clicks on your ad will you have to pay! If no one clicks, you don't need to pay. So you can budget out your expenses and set your account accordingly. It's really simple to understand and flexible enough to fit into the tightest budget plan.