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So Here's How to Advertise Your Website/Affiliate Links For FREE


So I've been advertising stuff and getting hit all this while for FREE and i thought it's high time i shared this method.

I have been using IBOToolbox and it's really good traffic source for online marketers especially the folks on Affiliatefix forum. You can use this service to boost up impressions and clicks on your affiliate links.

Am not going to write stories. Here's how to get started.

Sign up to IBOtoolbox HERE (Aff Link, Explain better below)
Then complete your profile to get 500 credits for free advertising. 500 credits will get you about 1000 ad impressions.
You can then head over to my advertising to create either a 728x90 leaderboard ad, 468x60, 250x250 sidebar ad or Text/listing Ad.

The website gets 100,000+ hits per day from people looking to grow their business like you. You can then earn coins by refering people with your link like I've done above.

A spectacular way to earn free coins for ads is by writing press release. The PR Alone sends tons of hit to your link alone talk more of the free 100 credits you'll receive.

Just write something of 250 words and you got it. Earn up to 100 coins for login per day as well.

If you're seeking for more information... You could look this up as well Get your Website Banner In front of Over 100,000 Eyeballs Per Day FREE Detailed guide.

Hope this helps.
I've had IBO for a very long time but have never used it.

Two questions:
- do they accept affiliate links?
- isn't it for bizopp only?

Also, have you found some good success/noticeable traffic increase?