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I am trying to figure out who i am?

I have an online store that offers an affiliate program through shareasale.

I have a coupon site, a sweepstakes site, and a pet site where I work with CJ, Linkshare, and others as an affiliate.

I am also bored and my wife says I need more work so I am available to help with offsite affiliate or web marketing.

Linda Buquet

HI Snapper,

Welcome to 5 Star. Cute intro!

"I am trying to figure out who i am?"

So let me ask you this - who do you WANNA be?
What do you like doing most? What are you best at?


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Welcome to 5 Star, Rsnapper.

I hope we can help you figure out who you are.

If you read some of what is here and participate in some of the discussions you will likely find yourself enjoying a lot of the topics that we cover.


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Who do I want to be?

A friend of mine who is a VP of human resources at a large bank asked me a similar question. Great question. You are in good company.