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SMTP or own server?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by church, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. church

    church Affiliate affiliate

    I've been researching sending mail and I want to know Fixers opinions whats better for sending an SMTP or your own IP on server?
  2. terraleads
  3. CPAInfinitySteve

    CPAInfinitySteve Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I personally prefer my own server.
  4. BrandonMA

    BrandonMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Depends on the volume. Low volume, i stick with a desktop mailer via SMTP. Larger volume ive gone with a dedicated server. When you have your own ip's you gota worry about your IP reputation. It plays a big role in inboxing.

    I usually have a great inbox rate with SMTP and shared hosting.
  5. Snoop

    Snoop Active Member affiliate

    What would you guys consider a great rate?
  6. Matt

    Matt Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Have you tried Sendgrid? We used to use them for years. Good experience.
  7. Muzamil

    Muzamil Affiliate affiliate


    It really doesn't matter what speed are you using to send emails but SMTPS and IPs are concerned about that. If your using your own server then I will recommend you to use the best software that will provide you SMTPs with Clear IPs that will make your emails land within the Inbox not the Spam folder. If the IPs your using is listed on Blacklist then no matter what speed your using per hour it will effect your contact list. So Clean IPs always works and will automatically improve your click rates and delivery reports.

    The second part of avoiding Spam cops and cleaning up your contact list is really compulsory. By using the best service they will apply the filters to your contact list that will avoid Spam cops and will surely make your email go through and reach the inbox of the recipient.

    However I will recommend you to use the best software with may features that are not found in any platform. They will help you in every part of your campaign they also check if the customer is having issue with the campaign and guide them step by step. I will highly suggest you to spend your money on a platform that take care of this customer, also you will find all the services under one roof. For sending emails software + SMTPs + Domains + IPs please see Imailunlimited and if you find your contact list need to be cleaned please see Cleanmyemaillist . I hope your issue wll be resolved by them.

    Thank you so much.

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