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Slicethepie- Earn money reviewing music

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by kris182, May 7, 2011.

  1. kris182

    kris182 Guest

    While there's no real easy answer to earning money online, there is a fun way to do so, by reviewing music on Slicethepie. Customize your profile, and choose the type of music you would like to hear.? I've got to warn you though, choosing the type of music you want is less than reliable, I've found that out myself.? I still hear music that I don't like, but I don't complain since it's still money. Based in the UK, this site is home to up and coming artists who can share their music with the world, and get funding for a record deal. The idea is simple for reviewers.? Listen to a track for 60 seconds, rate it from 0 to 10, and write a review on it.? You get piad to do just that. What's the catch you might ask?? There is none.? You listen to the music and rate/review it.? Nothing else to it. [​IMG] You need to make your review a good one, the better the quality, the more you will get paid. You are considered to be a scout, and your scout rating is based on the reviews you make.? There are 5 scout levels, and each one comes with its own pay level. 1 star- $0.02 per review.? This is the lowest you can get, but you still earn money. 2 star- $0.05 per review. 3 star- $0.10 per review. 4 star- $0.15 per review. 5 star- $0.20 per review.? This is the highest you can get, but it's hard to reach. The average scout, including myself, will hover between 2 and 3 stars until they get the hang of reviewing.? Don't get discouraged to have a lower rating, the earnings do add up over time. Slicethepie is fairly prompt in sending requested payments out, but you need to have a Paypal account.? This next part is extremely important in order to get paid.? Your signup email must be the same email you use for Paypal.? You will not get paid if the emails don't match up. This prevents fraudulent withdrawals.? I found out the hard way after I joined when I had 2 different email addresses and didn't receive a payment.? But upon changing the email address, they resent the payment and I received it in a few days. The minimum payout is $10 and you have to manually request it, but you can always wait until you have more, there's no maximum amount for withdrawal. Every once in a while, they open a special scout room for reviewers.? I remember one such scout room where there were 100 tracks to be reviewed, and that made me over $5 alone in one day.? Watch for these scout rooms, they usually offer higher pay rates. What else can I do there besides earn money? Well, if you really like an artist, you can tip them.? This puts them into your watch list.? If they make it into the funding stage, you can invest in them, helping them raise the funding they need for a record deal. Why invest?? When the artist releases an album, you will have your name on it as a sponsor.? You will also, depending on how much you invest, be entitled to a free download of the album when it is released.? Not too shabby for spending free money on an artist. So, what have you learned about this site?? You'll probably never find a more fun way to earn money than by reviewing music. Take a slice of the pie at www.slicethepie.com
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