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Looking for experience affiliates to develop campaign management of a new generation in partnership.

Hello, my name is Alex.

There is many ads spy services in around. Spy services shows you banners and landing pages from various type of traffic source networks. You can use these banners and LP in your campaigns, but mainly it is not good idea. You do not really know all targeting attributes, so your campaign will be always weaker then original one.

Let’s talk about other side of this case.

First. It is possible to group all ads by offer type. Example. There are banners for dating, sweepstakes, wargames, citybuilder games, etc. Banners are similar in each of those groups. Therefore, we can use one dating banner to other dating offer.

Second. We increase bid to get more traffic. However, there is other way. We can create more ads to get more cheap traffic. We can clone campaign to different account to maximize traffic.

Third. Traffic source has imposed tougher rules. Today it is hard to advertise profitable offers. Your account is at risk of suspension.

We decided to make service that will automate huge campaign creation and cloning with account farm support.

Now we have a prototype. You can see main modules and functions of your service.

Service is PRIVATE ONLY.

Link to enlarge ->


Our service will be useful for
  • Automate account farm
  • Automate cloaking
  • Mass ads and offer test
  • Other

Your advantages
  • campaigns managing from one central platform
  • automate campaigns splitting between services and account
  • centralized statistic for each ad.

We will invite you into partnership If you are making $x,xxx daily or more.

Contact me via gmail (at) or PM.


Dr. Forum

Seems to be a nice deal and project you people have come across and also decided to roll it out. We are living in the time where the ads are everywhere and with this, it comes a great challenges on how we will be able to manage them effectively. I am thinking this could just be able to solve the very many problems the affiliate marketers go through when running the ads. I will be glad if I can be part of the team that will be implementing this prototype. Thanks.