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Single pixel gifs for tracking


I have a page on a merchants site where I want to put a link to single pixel gif so that I can track when a sale is made. My site - which will contain the gif - is on a site where I use php/mysql, with mysql storing the 'hit'.

Anyone got a simple example of what the link might look like and the code on the gif page? I gotta get my tracking sorted pronto!

Currently, I'm thinking I have a link like this on the merchants page:

<img src="" />

On tracking.php, I want some code to update my database. I can do that in php/mysql fine. Just run a query to add a 1 to the sales field in the database. Voila!

But since the link is referring to an image, don't I need to return an image for the link to work? Does that make sense? If you have img on your link, it should be to an image. But currently its just to a page.

Oh someone please help me on this, I've spent hours trying to work it out!