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Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Naveen, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Naveen

    Naveen Affiliate affiliate

    Hey CPAFix'ers,

    I am going to share here the fan page method which I have been using to generate nice flow of income.This is very simple method but requires much patience from you and this method is not for the people who wants there returns very quickly. We are going use facebook ads for traffic in this method.

    Topic Selection

    Fact is with this fan page method you can get success with any topic you choose but it would be easier for you at start up if you go with the topic which you love the most or have more knowledge because it will help you in posting some quality posts. After understanding how it works, you can try with other topic also.
    Main thing you should consider while choosing the topic for your fan page is whether you can post some quality stuffs regularly to the people who liked your page. Something like weight loss tips,health quotes, jokes and could do great. But stay away from choosing famous personalities as your fan page topic. It will not work out for this method.

    What to post?

    This one plays the vital role in building good relationship between you and the people who liked the page.Make sure you post atleast two posts related the topic you choose. For example lets consider that you have gone with health quotes... so you should post minimum of two quotes a day. Apart from this there are two other main things you should do... uploading photos and videos. These two will not only help you interact with other people but it will also help you to increase the number of likes to your fan page.

    How it will increase number of like?

    Well when you upload some interesting photos and videos, the persons who had already liked this page would share these photos and videos to their friends if they think that it is really nice and interesting. So you get free traffic here. (The more creative you be, more traffic you you would get)

    So what kind of photos do I need to upload?

    We are going to upload these because this is one of the easiest way to interact with users and also we get plenty of exposure when they share these photos to their friends. So make sure to choose some interesting pictures relevant to your fan page topic. At times you can mix it up with off topic photos also depending up on how they interact with you.

    Facebook Ad Targeting

    While targeting in facebook you should go for exact interest not broad intersts.This is the biggest mistake which many newbies commit in their early stages. This is one of the reason why I feel sometimes people do not succeed in facebook.
    There is lot of difference between targeting exact and broad interest. For detailed information on this, click here and offcourse make sure you post some status and upload few photos before you create a campaign for this new fan page.

    What is the right time to post offers?

    You should not post any sort of offers to your fans for first two months. This is the place where many lose the patience and start posting the offers even before they start getting some reputation among them eventually it could turn out to be a big flop.
    But one thing which i do is start building the email list after 4-5 weeks. You can make use of FBML app and place your optin code in that page. I recommend you to do this compulsorily if you have any autoresponder.

    Hope this method helps someone who is planning to try cpa offers through fan pages.
    If you have any questions please let me know.

  2. terraleads
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Another great guide going up - whoa its been a great 24hours on the boards!

    Nice points man - worth the read!
  4. fredbaughix

    fredbaughix Affiliate affiliate

    Nice compilation dude.
  5. safaethan

    safaethan Affiliate affiliate

    nice guide mate.... :)
  6. pnr

    pnr Affiliate affiliate

    Nice Guide Naveen.

    But, I have heard from a famous affiliate that he is directly posting offers on the FB wall and seeing great conversions. Did you ever try it?

    Secondly, what do you think is the minimum no of fans that your page should reach once you start promoting offers?

  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    I would say at least 10.000 fans otherwise the risk isnt worth it.

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