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Should the UK be allowed to get away with the bedroom tax

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by penny101, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. penny101

    penny101 Affiliate affiliate

    The UK now charges people on low incomes a bedroom tax if they have a spare bedroom, this tax has alreadly created a lot of sadness and problems for the disabled and the low income families and the government is showing no signs of backing down. The government has put aside some money to help those that needs it but you know how that goes and a lot of people will miss out. We seem to be living in a time were the poor is paying for everything when it should be those with all the money that help. People should pay attention because when one country sees what another is getting away with they will try it too.
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  3. Dr. J

    Dr. J Affiliate affiliate

    What if everyone who HAS a spare bedroom 'repurposes' it into some other kind of room; like the bedroom at my last place, it was more like my 'computer'-room. The 'bedroom' where I'm living now, I HARDLY EVER actually sleep in there!

    I suppose the government wants to increase efficiency and/or imagines that the poor family with an extra bedroom is renting that room out or something and doesn't want extra money floating around. And I agree that there SHOULDN'T be extra money like that, but they shouldn't instantly confer that policy to ALL resources (especially space-property ... "real estate," or whatever)!

    Why not? Because one of the very defining-qualities of "abundance" is 'having too much.'
  4. deansaliba

    deansaliba Affiliate affiliate

    The beginning of your post is misleading, they are not only charging low income familes, they are charging ANYONE who has a council property. A lot of people are not understanding why they are doing this, it is to help with the housing crisis we have in this country.

    If you have a spare bedroom then why not rent it out like people used to do years ago?

    My stepdaughter lives in a FOUR bedroom house and only uses two rooms for her and her son, why should she be allowed to stay in a FOUR bedroom house? If you don't wantt to pay for the extra bedrooms (£12 a week per room) then MOVE!
  5. penny101

    penny101 Affiliate affiliate

    So what's your opinion on the disabled people that need an extra room for equipment? Let's throw them out onto the streets with all there medical equipment.:(