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Should I advertise high cost or low cost products?


H,i I am pretty new into this affiliate thing(one week) and I am hoping that this is not a rip off. At this point in time I have only made 20 dollars in a week. The main products I am selling are from the free website I went through and they seem to cost a lot. The merchants products that I have added myself seem to cost a lot also, but with pretty good commission. Is it better to promote products that cost more or products that cost less? Which one will give me a better chance to make money and receive traffic? Thank you in advance.


Actually, mecjr22, I think a lot really depends on the product and what kind of "deal" is being offered to the buyer.

For example, is the product a bit pricey but does it come with a bonus, special, free shipping, etc.? You know, a "buy now" incentive or some such thing.

Another factor is how much value a customer places on a product, which is something that will be different with everyone. It's a tough call, but if you have a quality product with a good offer that costs more but gets you more sales/commissions even though it doesn't make as many sales as a less expensive product, you're still ahead.

I guess in short it's always a bit of a gamble. I look carefully at every product I affiliate with and ask myself if it's something I think I would buy -- but even at that I bomb sometimes and a product won't deliver for me at all. It's a tough call.

Do you have a newsletter? You can always test the waters with a newsletter offer first, if you do.