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Shoe Stor Affiliate Program


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Wanted to let you know about Shoe Stor's Affiliate Program.

Our cookies never expire!! At present our average sale is about 100.00 and we are offering a 10% first and second tier commission structure. You can sign up here. Our program is run via ShareaSale. We also have an in house program for big producers.

Shoe Stor manufactures and markets a line of clear stackable ventilated storage containers that are especially designed for shoes, boots, purses and handbags. Additionally, our boxes collapse flat for easy storage.

The majority of our links land directly on product (aka "deep links") or category pages, rather than on the generic home page. Additionally, we have a data feed up and running.

We are in the midst of ramping up our promotional strategy that will see a variety of promotions that will include free shipping (sometimes without a minimum purchase) and various premium product giveaways with a minimum purchase of between 80 and 140 dollars. The value of the give away will be between 20 and 40 dollars.

You can see from our blog that our products have been featured in a number of media outlets and we will continue to promote our line up. Additionally we are adding two new products to the line up by year end.

We can also assist affiliates with landing pages and customized web content

Bonus Structure

Just to let know that we also have a bonus system in place:
1st Bonus: Extra 30% commission on your 3rd sale;
2nd Bonus: $4.00 bonus on your 6th sale; and,
3rd Bonus: Double commission on your 10th sale.
More to come as we grow