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[SHARE] Web 2.0 Properties Tips and Trick

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by kristina121, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. kristina121

    kristina121 Affiliate affiliate


    Hello guys,
    Now I will give you tips and tricks for using web2.0 backlinks , so please read and practiced , so that what you read is not wasted in vain .

    The goal made web2.0 properties is to diversify link , easy to rank keywords (low competition with low search ) and make us look natural backlink profile in the eyes of Google . Here are 2 ways to strengthen web2.0 that you have created .

    Method A

    1. Create 10 pieces url shortener for any web2.0 properties that you have ( if you can create a custom link and include LSI keywords) Example : bit.ly/long-tail-keyword . List url shortener is below .


    2. Then use GSA SER to blast a link to the url shortener . Link what you could use? Can sosbok , social networks, article submission , etc. If you do not have a GSA SER how sis ? Buy services on Fiverr for $ 5.5 or buy in bhw forum .

    3. To anchor text using LSI / 60 % long tail keywords , url naked 20 % , 20 % generic anchor .

    Optional : If you fear the url shortener removed ( for the paranoid ) , you simply add a second layer by making another 10 url shortener url shortener for every 10 that you created earlier. So in total there are 100 url shortener later . Use bulk url shortener to speed up the process ( please googling ) . After that you blast using GSA SER to 100 url shortener TSB. Already foaming kah ? :D


    - Reduce the risk of elimination of Tier 1, which can lead to broken link building . Basically all the links coming into web2.0 will be filtered through a url shortener , so you are more secure tier 1 position.

    - Method A can be used to link other such contextual Tier 1 EDU / GOV , guest post , blog post , press relase , etc.


    - Requires patience in making the url shortener . If you are reluctant or not a residence time use VA services . Something to sleep on ...

    Tips to reduce footprints

    · Mix anchor text .
    · Mix url shortener service on every web2.0 .
    · Use of some high PR4 + sosbok or other contextual links to some of web2.0 .

    Method B


    How to:

    1. Buy 20 expired domain with backlinks that are already established.
    2. Use 1 or 2 hosting only for the domain expired ngehost 20, then 301 redirect each domain expired to 20 web2.0. So one expired domain for 1 web2.0.


    - More powerful than A method for expired domain are elderly and have established its backlinks that link juice will strengthen web2.0 you have.
    - You can control everything. This means that if web2.0 in the delete, you just change web2.0 301 redirect to the new color.
    - Suitable for those who like maen 301 redirect directly to moneysite who incidentally greater risk than using web2.0 as a parasite.


    - The price is not cheap so expired domain requires a larger budget than the method A. Better expired domain is used as PBN (Private Blog Network), so you can rank a few moneysite once and easier to control the link.

    Both methods above have ever testing and the results are equally satisfactory, please if you want to try it. Stay adjusted at sikon and preference respectively.

    enjoy guys.
  2. newbidder
  3. JH1nz

    JH1nz Affiliate affiliate

    Nice. I like the diagrams you used for this.
  4. Tarun Reddy

    Tarun Reddy Affiliate affiliate

    Do you have any case study to show us? That will be really great.
  5. OptimusPrime

    OptimusPrime Affiliate affiliate

    is it possible to get GSA config example from you?

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