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SEO Clerks vs Fiverr

Discussion in 'Business Management' started by Jadster, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Jadster

    Jadster Affiliate affiliate

    What are your thoughts on both of these sites? Do you have a specific choice between the 2? I personally haven't yet used Fiverr but have been with SEO Clerks for a good bit now. I enjoy how SEO Clerks works and I am looking at Fiverr a bit here and there but I haven't exactly gotten into making an account yet. What do you think between the 2 sites?
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  3. fpforum

    fpforum Affiliate affiliate

    Not really familiar with SEO clerks but I do like Fiverr..I've had pretty good luck on there in the past and with a $5 cap you really can't go wrong...
  4. Pranav7Designer

    Pranav7Designer Affiliate affiliate

    I am a fiverr seller from past 2 years. I use to develop seo content from websites. I had a huge success with my 2 GiGs with 94% Positive Rating. You can just have a look at my fiverr's profile.

    Try fiverr anytime for maximum sell or to buy anything just for $5. :)
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  5. littlebelgianwriter

    littlebelgianwriter Affiliate affiliate

    I am not all familiar with SEO Clerks. I joined Fiverr 5 months ago, and I am primarily a Fiverr translator. I must say that there are a lot of SEO related gigs to be found on Fiverr such as article writing and so on. However, I have found out by having had an article writing gig myself on Fiverr that there are some Black Hat SEO people that are active on Fiverr.
    Sometimes, I got the idea that it did not really matter what I was writing for those people, as long as their keywords were mentioned enough times.
    That is not my idea of SEO, I guess that is why I call them Black Hat SEO people, I suppose. In my view, SEO is here to enhance the content and not to become the content. Though my article writing gig had 100% positive rating, I suspended it and continued to only be a translator. It is just something that I did not want to be a part of.
    So I would say that Fiverr offers good SEO opportunities but that you have to be aware of both the sellers and the buyers that are out there.
    In my view, it would be a good idea that Fiverr would deny some kinds of gigs and/ or monitor the behaviour of certain buyers. SEO is such a useful tool. It should not be abused.
    I will look into SEO clerks though!
  6. Jessi

    Jessi Affiliate affiliate

    For selling, I prefer SEO Clerks. I feel like people coming there are more niche-specific. As in, they are all coming there because they want website improvements or services of some sort. They're not necessarily looking for random or unique fun services like many people on Fiverr are. I feel like there's less competition on SEO Clerks, too.

    For buying, though, I go to Fiverr. There are more choices, more established sellers, and more variety of options over all (meaning, not just the service choices, but also the types of sellers and variations of gig types). There also seem to be more add-on type services on Fiverr than on SEO Clerks and I'm not entirely sure why.
  7. terryse

    terryse Affiliate affiliate

    I have signed up with Seoclerks and Fiverr before. With Fiverr, after my first gig of writing a seo article, i stopped writing there. With your $5 per article earning, you are left with $3 after some deductions. With SeoClerks, i like the organization of their site though i have not written a single article at their site as i became busy forum posting. Between the two sites, i prefer SeoClerks.
  8. xploit

    xploit Active Member affiliate

    I'm afraid I don't trust fiverr - at the end of the day you get what you pay for, you can't get anything of much quality that cheaply - and with SEO Clerks there is obviously a focus on SEO so for people to get a good review they must provide a good service - easier way to pick the good gigs from the bad then...
  9. calmacalma

    calmacalma Affiliate affiliate

  10. Lnyda

    Lnyda Affiliate affiliate

    Fiverr have been on top but since seoclerks came in 2013, it has taken much recognition. Their affiliate system made their brand to spread at high speed.
  11. david hong

    david hong Affiliate affiliate

    i think SEO Clerks better fiverr, but fiverr is popular
  12. no2pencil

    no2pencil Affiliate affiliate

    I've done a lot of work on Fiverr, never heard of SEO Clerks. Never hired anyone from Fiverr though.
  13. Alexandra Mckenzie

    Alexandra Mckenzie Affiliate affiliate

    SEO Clerks is definitely interesting. They are very open to suggestions, made some serious improvements and they got quite a few features that Fiverr doesn't have. I believe that if they would keep their innovation level, there's a chance that they can surpass Fiverr in terms of internet marketing/SEO gigs sales.

    But overall, I believe that you should use both whether you are a buyer or seller.
  14. Timeforbank

    Timeforbank Affiliate affiliate

    Why limit yourself to one platform? I would use both :) Most successful people don't put their eggs in one basket..good luck to you!
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  15. SEO Clerks & Fiverr both are such a wonderful Marketplace where Buyer and seller both communicate & starting business with each other.

    I have been using fiverr for long time & I have selling on fiverr so my experience with Fiverr been always good but I didn't use SEO Clerks so I can't anything about it.
  16. seoamplus

    seoamplus Affiliate affiliate

    i think Fiverr is the best site to do work
  17. IqbalionAccounting

    IqbalionAccounting Affiliate affiliate

    Not necessarily knowledgeable about SEO clerks but I do like Fiverr..I've had decent luck on there before and with a $5 cap you really can't go wrong.
  18. Anddrew

    Anddrew Affiliate affiliate

    It is good to use both, this way you can get more use. But it doesn't matter what you choose.