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Sell Foodsaver, Crockpot, and more direct from the Manufacturer - High Commission Op


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Hello! We want to invite you to join our Affiliate programs and earn up to 8% commissions for selling our products. It’s easy, it’s safe and it’s a great added value. We have a special higher commission payout promotion going on right now.

Jarden Consumer Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jarden Corporation (NYSE:JAH). We carry trusted brands like Bionaire®, Crock-Pot®, FoodSaver®,
Health o meter®, Holmes®, Mr. Coffee®, Oster®, Patton®, Rival®, Seal-a-Meal®, Sunbeam®, VillaWare® and more! For nearly 100 years, consumers have trusted our brands and products, and we’re proud to be a part of their lives.

Please take a look below at our offers and choose any or all of the programs that best suit your site. We have tons of links, banners, and promotions to get your business off to a fast start. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Jarden Consumer Services Affiliate Programs: As seen on TV! America’s #1 Brand of Home Vacuum Packaging Systems. FoodSaver has helped millions of households keep food fresh longer in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry.
• 6% commission on all sales, with 30 return days.
• High average order value: $100+. Plus a variety of products, including WineSaver, CoffeeSaver and other kitchen products. A Tradition of Culinary Excellence Since 1906. Award-winning kitchen electrics, cookware and kitchen tools.
• 6% commission on all sales, with 30 return days.
• High average order value: $75+. Product line includes popular Panini Grills, the innovative Pizza Grill and a wide selection of wafflers and other kitchen electrics. The Original and #1 Brand Slow Cooker. A full range of products and accessories, plus Special Edition Crock-Pots featuring brands such as NASCAR®.
• 7% commission on all sales, with 30 return days.
• High average order value: $75, plus earn commission on sales of other Rival products such as roasters, fryers and more.

NEW! The direct from the manufacturer source for innovative, high quality home environment products such as Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Fans and Heaters and more.
• 8% commission on all sales, with 15 return days.
• A range of products for all-season selling, plus hard-to-find filters and parts.

Benefits of partnering with Jarden Affiliate Programs:

• High base line commissions plus incentives
• Average order value of $75 - 100+
• High sales conversion
• Custom banners and links created upon request
• Wide variety of products at great prices
• All sites are direct from the manufacturer, the official brand sites
• Return business through sale of accessories
• Exclusive affiliate-only offers, plus dollars-off, free shipping and other promotions for your customers

I look forward to working with you soon and helping you to make tons of cash!

Lee Sherry
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Jarden Consumer Solutions
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lsherry AT jardencs DOT com
P. 561.912.4332