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Screen Capture Video Affiliate Program


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Screen Show Pro, a screen capture video program with similar functionality to Camtasia Studio, was released yesterday (6/28). We arranged a special 2 week discount through Free IQ to offer the product for $29. If you have an affiliate account at Free IQ, you can promote Screen Show Pro and get a 50% commission.

The regular pricing on Screen Show Pro is $37. The special pricing through Free IQ is for 2 weeks, after which it returns to $37, either through Free IQ or the product Web site at Screen Show Pro Screen Capture Video program

Screen Show Pro is available on Clickbank (publisher "tgltd"). There is a Clickbank sales page, and it carries the regular $37 pricing. We offer a 65% commission through Clickbank, appx. $20 per sale.

The Clickbank sales page is geared towards using the product to create 'for-sale' videos, however there is a gigantic market for various uses including sales presentations, demonstrations, etc.

For interested 5 Star Affiliate members, we would be happy to create a custom sales page, or allow you to create your own sales page.

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Hi Linda,

Not only did I see it, but I was preparing a post to mention that I actually have you and this forum to thank for the co-marketing arrangement with Free IQ! I first learned of the Free IQ beta through your post of that early Joel Comm video!

I know Brad Fallon, but hadn't realized he had launched the Free IQ beta yet, and actually first heard it had launched thanks to your post!

What I wanted to get across in the above post was an offer for 5 Star Affiliate members to do something a little "above and beyond". If you would like, you are welcome to put it in a post - maybe a little better than I did, not much sleep these last few days!

I am willing to do a custom sales page for any of your members who feel they might be able to make it a worthwhile effort. I'm not trying to do a custom page for everyone wanting their own page, but for those who might want to make a reasonable marketing effort if they had something to help justify their efforts.