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School of Phenomenal Memory - up to 25% of sale


It is very well known how hard it is for affiliates to find clients. Here are a few reasons: People don?t need the product they advertise. The product has a lot of competition in the market. The product can be advertised only in the specific websites and directories.

Our company has the highest potential in affiliate business and here is why:

● We are the only company who actually teaches Phenomenal Memory. We don?t sell techniques or methods of memorization and our Course is extremely effective. No competition.

● There are no areas in people?s lives where memory is not involved. It's a tool that can be used to achieve anything in life. Everybody wants to have a Phenomenal Memory.

● Any category in the Internet can be used for the promotion. Here are some examples:

Education of any kind ? students, Universities, schools, teachers...

Looking for a job? Better job, Social-growth...

Mental health - visual thinking, attention stability, self-control...

Learn new profession...

New languages...

Military, police, FBI, CIA...

Church, public speakers, bible studying...

Self-help, development, self improvement...

Every day basis, regular life routine...


There are no limits! Phenomenal Memory can be used anywhere.

● Referral fee for online orders:

18% when number of sales in actual month is lower than 14

20% when number of sales in actual month is between 15 and 30

25% when number of sales in actual month is higher than 30

When you find another person, which will become our affiliate, you will be rewarded from every sale that the founded affiliate provided ? 5%


15 sales of the "Full Course" in actual month is $897

The Affiliate Team is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income for you without any cost or obligation on your part.

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Thank you for your time

Ruslan M
School of Phenomenal Memory