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Sad News, R.I.P. Robot


Dojo Master
Sad news. One of South Korea's robots was found unresponsive at the bottom of a staircase and citizens are in mourning.

Replay of film footage indicates the robot intentionally caused his own demise. Stress from overwork is being blamed.

The death has been labelled a suicide but the investigation is ongoing.

Something that caught my attention, in addition to the obvious, is that this has been labelled their first robot suicide, indicating they expect more.

Bet Elon doesn't have this kind of reaction. :rofl
I was just thinking to myself that my AI assistants are really pretty smart ;)
If I had this opportunity ( AI ) 20 years ago things might be quite different for me, oh well ...
Is very possible that this was a simple mechanical failure and the story is elaborate click-bait.
The old Peter Green song c.1969 Oh Well redone