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Rules for the Classifieds Forum

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Linda Buquet

Welcome to the Classified: 5 Star Affiliate Manager Jobs and Internet Marketing Jobs forum.

5 Star has a membership that primarily includes affiliates and affiliate managers but our readership also includes SEO and SEM types, media buyers, affiliate network reps, ad network reps and other types of Internet marketing professionals.

You may post a free employment ad (unless you are an employment agency) for either help wanted
or job wanted, under the following conditions:

1) The job must be Affiliate Manager, SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing, or Web Design for Internet Marketing related

2) You must work for the hiring company. If you are an employment agency or head hunter, please contact us for advertising rates.

3) In the title of the post, you must specify the job title and either the location if it's an on-site position or the fact that it's either an outsourced, telecommute or freelance position.

4) When searching for employees or a job, please include:

a) Job description or requirements

b) Hourly, salary or project rates (NO straight commission job posts allowed)

c) Contact information - Never post intact email addresses on forums. Instead use this format myname AT mysite DOT com.

5) Ad must be bonafide job ad. If it appears to be any other type of ad,
it will be deleted at our sole discretion.

6) Once you fill the position or get hired, please post that the position is no longer available or you have been hired and your thread will be closed, or send me a private message and I'll handle it for you.

IMPORTANT: If you have questions or are unsure if your ad is appropriate for this section, please PM an Administrator.

This thread is closed for discussion.

Happy hunting and as always, let me know if I can help. :)
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