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RSS Marketing for Retailers

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Linda Buquet, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    From the 5 Star Affiliate Blogs

    RSS for Online Retailers - Stats and Case Studies from 4 eTailers

    I am doing some consulting for a major, yet fairly new affiliate network who's name I have not yet announced. ;-) One of the things we will be working on is RSS datafeeds Datafeeds for affiliates which is something the industry needs and something I have talked about many times. I still can't believe more retailers dont offer directt RSS datafeeds to affiliates since it does not seem like most networks are making a moved in that direction.

    I started blogging about an article I found at InternetRetailer a few weeks ago but never finished it until today. This piece is only about eTailers using RSS feeds for customers, but many of the same benefits would apply to datafeeds for affiliates. The article looks at the success that eBags, Guess, Burpee and DVDEmpire are having with RSS.

    Read the rest then come back to discuss it.

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  3. my2cents

    my2cents Member

    this is great to hear...

    I think RSS has a lot of potenial... I've been using RSS fora while to feed fresh content to some of static sites...

    Regretably there has been little interest in RSS by the Affiliate Marketing community for more then suppying news feeds.. about updatres and the usual stuff covered by newletters...

    I look forward to hearin more about your work with RSS and feeding commissionable products via RSS..

  4. Clickbank Hotshot

    Clickbank Hotshot New Member

    you can also create RSS Feeds of customer reviews

    as a software developer of an application that puts customer reviews on people's web sites i finally came around to the idea of adding RSS feeds. in addition to adding feeds for the items reviewed, you can also create RSS feeds of the reviews themselves, which should flow into your site much more quickly than new items do, particularly if you operate a site with decent traffic. so turning that free content (the reviews) into another RSS stream seems like a no-brainer, especially as people are often looking for reviews of new things to try out.

    i wrote an article about this topic which i'll add to a new thread, in case it interests people. customer reviews as RSS feeds is a fairly new concept, but i think it has potential.
  5. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate