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How to promote cricket offers in 2023 for affiliates?

Being the second most frequently-watched sport in the world after football, cricket turns out to be one of the hottest niches among all the Betting offers.

The question is how to squeeze the most out of it in 2023 and increase your profits 2x?

Find more about how to promote cricket in our new article

Ads & Grans: how Gambling advertisers can increase CR and evaluate traffic quality

New Ads&Grans episode is related to fraud detection Together with Taras Sorokin, financial analyst at Brofist company, we discussed:

✔️ How to increase CR at each stage of the flow
✔️ How the Brofist team detect fraud and evaluates the quality of traffic
✔️ How payback depends on sources of traffic
✔️ Return on investments will also be discussed


Welcome RichAds at Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Event (GAME) 2023

October 19-20
Where: Athens, Greece

Our CMO, Vasilii Gamov, will present us with a few public speeches:
Day 1
(October 19, 16:45-17:30): Unveiling the Potential of AI-Powered Marketing for Gaming and Sports Betting: Practical Strategies Beyond the Buzzwords

Day 2 (October 20, 10:55-11:40): Marketing Strategies for a New Era of Gaming: Best Practices for Customer Engagement and Retention

Day 2 (October 20, 15:55-16:25): AI Revolution in Affiliate Marketing: Propelling Your Business to New Heights (it will be a solo speech)

Book a meeting with Vasilii via the link

ONE MORE ROUND TABLE WEBINAR IS COMING: Building anticipations for 2024

The iGaming landscape in 2023 & 2024: Comprehensive overview and anticipations
Date and Time: November 1, 15:00 GMT
Presenters: Vasilii Gamov, RichAds Chief Marketing Officer + experts from Alpha Affiliates, Betsson Group, and SEO Brothers


What will be discussed:
• iGaming in 2023: progress and achievements
• The impact of AI on the iGaming industry
• Betting & Casino insights and forecasts for the upcoming year
• iGaming experts' conclusions & anticipations

+ Bonuses for the audience

Don’t miss!

Welcome our CMO Vasilii Gamov at Scandinavian Gaming Show 2023

November 2-3
Where: Stockholm, Sweden

He will present us with 2 public speeches:
Panel discussion: November 3, 14:15-15:00 - Ways to Ensure Player Loyalty and Business Sustainability: Embracing emerging trends in gamification and beyond

Solo speech: November 3, 15:00-15:30 - Mastering Popunders: Pro Tips and Marketing Case Studies)

Join and listen to the experienced speaker!

Also, don't miss the opportunity to meet Vasilii and book a meeting

New Ads & Grans video: How to detect fraud in affiliate marketing: tips from advertiser

BROFIST.Partners is a direct advertiser that works with online Gambling brands worldwide. Taras Sorokin, financial analyst at Brofist company, is a RichAds guest for today.

In this episode, we’ll talk about how the Brofist team detects fraud and evaluates the quality of traffic.


Important message for our users❗

Recently, we noticed fraudulent activities associated with our network. It's important to be vigilant and communicate only with official RichAds accounts.

• We never ask clients to complete tasks or promise profits without effort.
• You can add funds to RichAds only via an account on the platform, where you can also find links to official accounts of managers in messengers.

Your RichAds team ❤️

RichAds at SiGMA EUROPE 2023 on Malta

November 13-17
Where: Malta

Don't miss two panel discussions with our CMO Vasilii Gamov:
Panel 1:
Day 1 (November 14, 15:00-15:25) - Cracking the Code: Building a Winning iGaming Brand in 2023's Digital Arena

Panel 2: Day 2 (November 15, 10:25-10:45) - Prepare for a Revolution: Witness How AI Transforms Online Gambling

Don't miss the opportunity to meet Vasilii and book a meeting with him

On November 1, we held the last Round Table webinar in 2023 with top experts from Alpha Affiliates, SEO Brothers, and Betsson Group

Here is what we discussed:
• iGaming in 2023: progress and achievements
• The impact of AI on the iGaming industry
• Betting & Casino insights and forecasts for the upcoming year
• iGaming experts' conclusions & anticipations

WATCH recording now

Recently we visited GAME Greece 2023 in Athens ✈️

Our CMO Vasilii Gamov had a few public speeches there and we are ready to share the recordings with you.

Follow the links and watch the solo speech and two panel discussions

AI Revolution in Affiliate marketing: RichAds speech on the Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Event
RichAds on the panel discussion “Best Practices for Customer Engagement and Retention in iGaming”
RichAds on the panel discussion “Unveiling the Potential of AI-Powered Marketing for iGaming”

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A new affiliate marketing industry survey: Peak Awards 2023 by affLIFT

Complete the quick 4-step survey and vote for RichAds to help us get the prize place!

Here is the link to vote Top Affiliate Network, Traffic Source, and Tracking Tool of 2023 - Peak Awards by affLIFT

Nomination: Top Traffic Source.
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Launching profitable campaigns on Nutra with RichAds in 2023

Vasilii Gamov, RichAds CMO, discussed with how to work with Push Ads, what verticals and offers to choose, as well as how to conduct tests and effective campaign scaling.

Additionally, Vasiliy told about what sets RichAds apart from other networks and shared the tools which can help earn more.


53 Black Friday and Cyber Monday bonuses are coming

RichAds gives 10% bonus for the first deposit for all new advertisers using promo code RICHADSBF23.
The bonus is valid till December 11.

Also, RichAds team has gathered Black Friday bonuses from our partners for affiliates to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

The bonuses were gathered from:
• CPA networks
• Spy tools
• Trackers
• Payment systems
• Anti-fraud systems

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Vasilii Gamov, CMO at RichAds ad tech holding, attended Scandinavian Gaming Show 2023 in Stockholm ✈️

In this speech, he talked about 10 tips to increase your chances with popunder traffic. As a bonus, he showed a case study about launching a Gambling offer on pop ads with 119% ROI in Bangladesh.

From this video, you’ll learn how to earn from popunder ads:
❗ what kind of landing pages are working well,
❗ what settings and targeting options are critical,
❗ why a fast server is extremely important here,
❗ how AI features can help you optimize advertising campaigns.


The race for a substantial cash prize is in full swing!

TerraLeads is a direct nutra-advertiser and CPA network that has been operating in the market for over eight years

Network benefits:
thousands of worldwide offers;
own call centre;
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cool bonus system for webmasters.

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In the grand finale, which will take place in June 2024, you could win over $100,000

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Vasilii Gamov, CMO at RichAds, attended SiGMA conference 2023 in Malta

RichAds team has great expertise in the Gambling industry. And what is more, RichAds won the Best iGaming traffic source of the year nomination by SiGMA last year

No wonder our team was asked to join the panel discussion about the Finnish iGaming industry at the conference.