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Review of Killer Niche Marketing eBook


On my last reply to the eBay Pulse topic I mentioned I had just purchased a new niche marketing strategy book. I've had time to read it a few times now and wanted to give my thoughts and impressions of it.

First off the eBook is Killer Niche Marketing and is written by Pawel Reszka whome some of you will recognize as being a vetran in Internet Marketing and Niche Marketing. The main topic of the eBook is about how to get a good SE listing on Google and staying in the top of Google search results. It is not so much about how to find a new niche market as it is about marketing one you have already started developing a website for.

After reading it a few times I decided to put the described methods to the test for validity. I had been working on a website about parrots and used this website as my test subject.

I was pleasantly surprised that the first part of the process actually has proven to work so far. In a nut shell here is what is covered:
  1. The author's personal opinion of Google
  2. Basic finding a new niche technique
  3. Registering an appropriate domain name
  4. OnPage SEO tips
  5. Building content
  6. Getting the niche website indexed
  7. Backlink strategy
  8. Publishing duplicate content discussion/view
  9. Instructions and discussion of the use of the free bonus script the author has written
  10. Article strategy
  11. Press release strategy
  12. And finally a chapter on reciprocal links

The eBook is 37 pages in length and is very detailed on the author's strategy for getting his niche websites into Google quickly and ranking high in the search results as fast as possible. You can read it easily in one sitting but to really grasp all of the concept and instructions should be read again when you have time to really experiment with it like I have started to do.

I am at the getting your site indexed step and still building content so I haven't gotten to try the script out yet. I hope to be able to report back on the usage of the script within the next week or so.

All in all I believe it to be a good read and very useful information. The best thing is it is only $7 so it won't set you back financially to have a copy of it. The script alone is worth buying the eBook for as it appears to be a really useful utility for helping out a websites page ranks.

Linda Buquet

Hey RedHat39,

Thanks SO much for contributing to our new Niche Marketing forum.
Nice review! Thanks for taking the time to write it and share it with our members!

Franck S

Killer Niche Marketing is indeed excellent. What is taught in the ebook works, and I advise to anyone in Niche marketing to buy this.

I know because I use all these techniques from a long time already. Yup, my affiliate marketing site is on Google first page for the super competitive term: "affiliate marketing".

I use some of the techniques that Pawel describes, plus my own mix. I will also write a detailled report on this soon.

I am not using his script yet, however, if I add this to my arsenal, I think it will become explosive.

Killer Niche Marketing is a must have. Highly recommended.