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(REQ) Gamification Scripts or plugin?

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by adamchua, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. adamchua

    adamchua Affiliate affiliate

    Hi folks, currently I helping some restaurant to implement ggamification strategy to their websites. Have tried out a few however the results doesn't as good as expected.
    What I looking to are the basic features like, virtual points form, badges, leadership board, Loyalty rewards, social tracking and integration capabilities (as I believe this is what everyone wants)

    Here some that I tried:
    1. PunchTab (best performance but already decommissioned). The UI was excellent.
    2. Captain up (2nd best - lose by UI and integration).
    3. Kaleido (good but exp, monthly $50-150 to maintain)..
    4. Cube points - only points to exchange with discount and leaderboard (used by odigger).

    Any other suggestion? I am ok with paid but at least need have a demo account that not 30 days trial (as it's troublesome to showcase).

  2. terraleads

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