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Refill Toner- 22% over 3 levels- indefinite residual - 12 month cookie - TonerTopUp


:eek: 3 Level, 22% commissions, indefinitely residual with 12 month cookies for click to sale!

Introducing our Affiliate program!

Affiliate sales program -Earn income by promoting TonerTopUp.

TonerTopUp supply refill toner for laser printer cartridge allowing users to save 50% to 87% on the cost of their printer cartridges. Environmentally friendly product! We are based in the UK but supply worldwide and have the widest retail range of quality toners available anywhere.

This is a repeat purchase consumable product with an average invoice value of about GBP 75.

The Affiliate commission rates are 12% on sales made using your own Affiliate Code, plus a further 8% on sales made by your first level downline, plus 2% on sales made by your second level downline. Once you have a customer you keep them for life as your affiliate code is recorder in our database against their account! Pre-sale cookie life from click through to first sale is a full 12 months!

Commissions are payed by PayPal worldwide and also to UK bank accounts. (Minimum GBP 50)

All the commissions are paid on the "scaled" sales value associated with the
particular product. About 70% of our refill toner products have 100% scale
factors and on these we pay the full maximum % commissions totalling 22% of the sales value split between the three affiliates who may have contributed to the sale. (12% + *% +2%). The remaining products have lower margins and the commissionable sales value is scaled down.

The affiliate system is run on our own site and is fully integrated with the online order system and database.

For full details and to sign up go to

Affiliate sales program- Earn income by promoting TonerTopUp.

Toner refills - Save money by buying a DIY toner refill kit and refilling your laser printer cartridge.