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Reads browser settings> Automatic translation of pages> Creates new url

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by matthecool, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. matthecool

    matthecool Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, I'm mat and I have a translation problem....

    Basically I have a quite large website and want to begin to offer it to surfers who speak other languages.

    Here is my aim: For my server to read the browser's language settings and then place the surfer on the page which is automatically translated for them and delivers them a different url.

    Ok example: A surfer visits my site from Poland and he would land on www(dot)mysite(dot)com/dogs(dot)html, however my server reads that his browser settings are Polish and the server automatically translates the page dogs.html and creates www(dot)mysite(dot)com/dogs(dot)html&pl
    (Notice the &pl is just a quick abbreviation for the Polish language.)
    Then I would like the &pl etc urls indexed in the search engines.

    A) Is this possible?
    B) My best method of attack to complete this aim?

    Any help is graciously acknowledged and thanked.

    Thanks for your time
  2. newbidder

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