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Ranking YT videos

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by ivanmkci, May 11, 2013.

  1. ivanmkci

    ivanmkci Affiliate affiliate

    Why should we use YouTube?
    More than 55% Market Share of Video Hosting Platforms.
    Almost 50 hours of video uploaded every minute.
    More than 2 billion views per day.
    2nd largest search engine.
    3rd most visited site.
    YouTube videos show up in Google; Google searches do not show up in YouTube.
    It is far easier to rank in YouTube than Google.
    It drives targeted traffic.
    It's free and can work forever!​

    First steps

    Always create new YT accounts using your main keywords for channel name. Those keywords will be part of your channel url (youtube.com/yourkeyword).
    If you already have YT account, use it, but you will get better results with your keyword in channel name & url.

    Change your video name before uploading it. For example if you are uploading FB Hack, your video name should be "Facebook Hack 2013.mp4" or something similar. Upload video with new file name and put correct title, description and tags.

    Title - It's one of most important parts for ranking your video. Start with what you think people will type into Youtube. If you are promoting "2Insure4Less - Health Insurance" offer, don't call it "2Insure4Less - Health Insurance". It would be better to call it "How to save up to 40% or more on health insurance" or "2Insure4Less Review - Get cheap Health Insurance".
    If you're still stuck, use the YouTube Keyword Tool. See what kinds of phrases people are typing in for your niche. Get as close as possible to the exact phrasing.
    Keep in mind that if people are searching for videos about a well known brand, person, company, or author, they may use that name in their search. If you know of a famous person in your niche, doing a related video about him could draw attention back to your youtube channel.

    Description - Start the description of your video using a URL to your landing page or affiliate link.
    Content of your description should be AT LEAST 300 words long. You can buy article about it @Fiverr for $5, write it, or hire freelancer @Odesk, Elance, ArticleTeller or any similar site.
    If you're too lazy just check your competitors and copy 1-2 paragrahs from their videos until you get at least 300 words.
    Do not use bit.ly or other URL shortening services, it may lead to banning your account very fast.
    Don't be afraid to use well known site names, peoples or anything related to your niche and write at end of description something like: „special thanks to Person Name“ or „special thanks to Site Name“. Your videos will then rank for that keyword too.

    Tags - Don't use a lot tags, use only your main keyword and 2-3 relevant keywords.

    Category - For some reason, from my experience category "News & Politics" ranks best and fastest.

    Views, likes, comments
    So, you uploaded video, changed Title, Description and Tags, put correct category and don't know what to do now?

    It's time to get your video indexed. For this i'm using http://www.pingler.com or Free Mass Ping Unlimited Websites or Blogs or RSS on BulkPing.com. This will let search engines know about your video.

    After you pinged video, it's time to get 300 views and pass youtube IP check. To get views I recommend EnhanceViews, u2bviews, Vagex or Vingler.
    Together with first 300 views buy 20-25 subscribers and 10 likes to your video. They're becoming more important now.

    After your video passed 300 views mark, buy up to 10k views, 200 likes and 25-30 comments. You can buy favorites too, but they aren't important, and I would recommend buying around 100 favorites, if you're going for them.
    You will need custom comments too. Just register with u2bviews and buy some views together with comments. It will cost around 300-350 credits and you will get 25-30 comments together with at least 1k views.

    Next thing to do with your video is buying backlinks or making them on your own. You can find few gigs on Fiverr where peoples sell backlinks, so if you're lazy just buy from them. There's no problem if you buy 30-40k backlinks at once because youtube is trusted site.
    After they send all backlinks to you, go to http://www.pingler.com or Free Mass Ping Unlimited Websites or Blogs or RSS on BulkPing.com and ping few your backlinks.

    Now optimize your channel for your niche. Update channel description and tags to be relevant to your niche. Add link to your site in sidebar. Change avatar and background to be related to your niche and use Fiverr to buy CHANNEL views.

    Internal backlinks are great way to increase your ranking. Use google to find good videos related to your niche and comment one of them. Your username will automatically link to your profile. One backlink is enough, more are optional.

    YouTube massively likes active videos. Try to add few views, likes and comments every day to your video. It will help a lot in ranking.

    Enable video responses, and if you can, post responses from other your videos, it will increase rank a lot.

    Every word you say in your video will be transcribed. Mention your keyword in video at least 2-3 times, but make it look like natural talk about video. This will affect both YouTube and Google ranking as it's converted to video XML data and crawled by both spiders.
    If you use your keyword in more than 5% words in video, it should be considered as keyword/s stuffing. Just calculate good percentage of keywords in video, I recommend 2.5-3% and will be great for ranking.
    Make sure you don't have noise in video, speak clearly and don't talk too fast. If you speak slowly, transcriber will be able to understand it better. You can also go to the video editor and change the transcription to whatever you want, which is great black hat YT ranking method.

    Make video that will get others to share it on social networks like FaceBook and Twitter. Number of shares will soon become more important in ranking.

    Use video link wheels too. They're very powerful. Try to create 5 short videos linking to your main video and next video on the wheel. That means that you will have 2 links on each description. One pointing to your main video and other link pointing to the next video on the wheel.
    You can make short, low quality videos for your link wheels, ping them and add some backlinks to increase the power of link wheels.
    When making link wheels use your main keyword + 1-2 more words in title.
    Only one link wheel will be counted. others are optional.
  2. terraleads
  3. SayMyName

    SayMyName Affiliate affiliate

    Great guide I will try this on YT - thank you.
  4. abuhanifa

    abuhanifa Affiliate affiliate

    A very well detailed guide and newbie friendly. I guess you missed the social signal part. Social Signals are playing an important role in YouTube ranking now a days.
  5. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Actually i said that before and will tell again. Social signals are not that important that everybody think ;)
    They can do more bad than good if you do not know how to use them ;)
    Example you share your video in facebook and there is just some likes to it - that mean your video is crap - or you have likes 1000 in one week and then nothing - again crap.

    If you can manage that your video getting likes and shares evenly and all the time then it can help definitely.
    Otherwise DO NOT do any social signals. ;) Not all videos should be social :)

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