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R U Fat? R U Going to Affiliate Summit?

Linda Buquet

Since we sit around all day working online, some of us are piling on the poundage and have a hard time sticking to our fitness goals. If this sound like you, the <strong><a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Fit Club</a></strong> may be just what the Dr. ordered! Their catchy slogan is: Fewer cookies - Higher Lifetime Value! :p

What is the <strong><a target="_new" href=""></a></strong> you ask? It's a contest, similar to Biggest Loser TV show, that was recently launched by Wade Tonkin and Karen Garcia. A group of Affiliate Industry folks, including Shawn Collins, are competing in two teams to see who can lose the highest percentage of weight before the next Affiliate Summit in Vegas in February.

Wade just let me know they have an opening for one more lucky person to get involved in the contest. What are you getting into? Wade explains:
<blockquote>Well, we'd like to you to blog at least weekly and video blog at least once every 2 weeks to contribute content. You are certainly welcome to contribute more if you like.

Here's the catch. We need someone who is committed and can act fast. If you want to get in the game, please email us all the required info (see below) by midnight Wednesday the 26th of September.

NOTE: You must be attending Summit West 2008 to be a featured contestant.
If you aren't attending, you can still join in and create a community blog on the site
If you'd like to participate, please email contestants AT affiliatefitclub DOT com and ask them to tell you what you need to do to enter.

Shawn Collins

There are a handful of people planning to get some exercise during Affiliate Summit with some early morning walks.

More details to come on this, but it will be pretty informal - just a bunch of folks getting fresh air and networking while most of Vegas sleeps.


New Member
AffiliateFitClub, walks etc

Hey all,

We're going to be refacing/re-purposing the AffiliateFitClub site here shortly to reflect a change in philosophy.

We want to be a resource for anyone in the business who wants to get in better shape... a community, someplace where people can share what is working for them, what isn't, and resources that may help others.

Right now, we're looking at 7 AM walks during Summit. If anyone is into night time walks... by all means let us know here or email me and we'll post it on AFC.

I generally end up walking a ton at night in Vegas anyway by default just going between hotels for parties... not sure if that may be counterproductive. They say exercise is cumulative ;)