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QukHost Hosting Packages @ 20% discount & domain registration

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by jisjohnson, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. jisjohnson

    jisjohnson Affiliate affiliate

    Dear Ems members,

    QukHost Linux web hosting packages

    Starter ($0.80/month)

    Disk Space: 1GB
    Monthly Bandwidth: 30GB
    Max FTP Accounts: 1
    Max Email Accounts: 5
    Max Databases: 10
    Max Sub Domains: 2
    Max Parked Domains: 1
    Max Addon Domains: 1

    Business ($3/month)

    Disk Space: 15GB
    Monthly Bandwidth: 100GB
    Max FTP Accounts: 7
    Max Email Accounts: 100
    Max Databases: 100
    Max Sub Domains: 10
    Max Parked Domains: 7
    Max Addon Domains: 7

    Expert ($6/month)

    Disk Space: 50GB
    Monthly Bandwidth: 250GB
    Max FTP Accounts: 15
    Max Email Accounts: 250
    Max Databases: 250
    Max Sub Domains: 20
    Max Parked Domains: 15
    Max Addon Domains: 15

    Unlimited ($10/month)

    Disk Space: 500GB
    Monthly Bandwidth: 750GB
    Max FTP Accounts: 20
    Max Email Accounts: 1000
    Max Databases: 500
    Max Sub Domains: 500
    Max Parked Domains: 20
    Max Addon Domains: 20

    These are our four packages (Also attached file under this thread).
    you can purchase it for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month,1 year or 1 + year.

    Any package you select from here you will get 20% Discount.


    If you select 6 month starter pack total price will be "4.80"

    Our Discount Price will be $3.84 only.

    so if anyone interested to purchase hosting package from us please reply to this thread.

    [glow=red,2,300]We accept paypal, payza, perfect money & Okpay[/glow]

    (*Bank Transfer To Indian Bank account is available)


    Domain Name Registration (Paypal only)

    These are our price range for Domain Registration

    .us - $7.60
    .uk - $8.10
    .in - $8.75
    .cn - $9.10
    .net - $9.15
    .nl - $9.60
    .com - $11.15

    * These prices are fixed for domain name registration .
    ( for domain name registration we accept paypal gift payments only )

    If any one interested to buy domain name from us reply to this thread.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Jis Johnson
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