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Quick Paying Pay Per Lead Programs


New Member
Are there Any Pay Per Lead programs that pay for leads for April the 1st week of May.
I got some bills piling up that need to be paid.


I doubt you will be able to get money by then, but I would say look up the Affiliate directory and check their info for the paying procedures. It varies.

Linda Buquet

This seems highly unlikely and the post a little suspicious to me.

Just to make a point. Even if a network pays weekly you can't get leads right off the bat unless you already have targeted traffic for that type of lead or are prepared to spend big bucks on PPC. (because most lead gen programs are financial - loans, insurance, mortgage and therefore competitive and expensive clicks.)

If you said - I have a mortgage site and get 100 leads a day. Whats a mortgage affiliate program that pays fast - it would make sense because you are asking for the specific type of program you already have traffic for.

But you can't just ask for any old type of lead gen program that pays fast.
None of them pay anything unless you can get targeted traffic and leads.

That said there are lots of networks that pay weekly. Do you work for Millnic Media by chance?