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Questions to Jay & Tuan - Research steps and risk/keywords management

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by snowlion, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. snowlion

    snowlion Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Tuan & Jay,

    My questions are:

    1. Do you do your research to find out which verticals that have high volume first before you test the offer and which sites you go to for the research e.g. eBay/Amazon/Google Trend etc ? Or you just test all offers and see which one will stick?

    In other words how do you do the research?

    Can you outline the resources and step how to do an effective and productive research for offers, its keywords and angles?

    2. How do you manage each campaign during testing phase and optimization (running) phase? Any dumb rules you follows e.g. what is your minimum budget versus payout and duration of each test before you decide it is no going to convert well and time to move on to test the next offer?

    What is your dumb rules use you before you decide to to stop or pause a running campaign, i.e before it starts to deplete too much of profits gained?

    3. For adult/dating and mobile offers - which are the best traffic sources for newbies and intermediate affiliate to start with?

    4. Do you use blog to drive traffic to your adult sites?

    5. Can I and is it good to promote non-adult/non-dating offers using adult traffic sources? How do I prevent my ads/banners for non-adult offers from being rejected by adult traffic source for using misleading ads?


    You guys are great!
  2. terraleads
  3. tuan smash

    tuan smash Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    1. Well since we are in Adult, we already know the vertical itself is converting and in high demand so no need to research the niche.
    Only research needed is when you are doing Direct To Site buys and want to find out more information about that particular site, or if you
    are trying to research competitors and find new traffic networks etc. The usual Alexa, Quancast, Compete, Etc.. will be enough for the beginner.

    2. When starting focus on one campaign at a time, maybe 2-3 MAX if you are experience in juggling multiple campaigns. I don't have a specific budget
    there is a lot i am testing, i want to know how much traffic potential that placement has, if it is converting leads, how close i am to generating ROI etc.
    I don't jump around too much, if something is converting I tend to stick around and try to make it work even if that means running at a negative ROI for a few days or more.

    Never fall in love with a losing campaign, they are not all meant to be winners and some people get stuck on one placement, or traffic source and keep trying to
    make something work that will never. Test thoroughly get your numbers and if it shows potential like a -25% ROI then it has the chance to become profitable.
    If it is -100% it's going to be hard to get it profitable unless you change things around drastically.

    3. Self Serve platforms like TrafficJunky, Exoclick - Reason is it's not about the profit, its about getting in the routine and learning how to run campaigns and
    getting an understanding of the game. Too many people focus on instant profits, you should have long term strategies in place as well as always be looking to
    improve your skill sets.

    4. Content marketing does work but no it's too slow for me, paid traffic is much easier and much more scalable.

    5. Yes/No. You may be infringing on the offers brand by promoting it on an Adult Site. You may also be charged back for any leads/sales you generated if you are
    not complying to the rules and regulations of that offer. Talk with your traffic rep and let the know the type of offers you are promoting and if it's okay to do so on their
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  4. snowlion

    snowlion Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Tuan

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    (1) Do you mind if I ask you, have you done non adult verticals, and if so, how do you do your research.

    (2) For adult offers via media buy methods (self serve), how do you research the banners? How many banners do you typically launched for a single campaign you are testing?

    (3) Where should I start with mobile CPA offers and mobile traffic sources?

    (4) Do you do collect email for your campaigns for followup with subscribers?


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