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Question about google adsense

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by eh2zed, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. eh2zed

    eh2zed New Member

    ok i have a question about google adsense. Is it a good advertising source? Is it better to create my own site to promote or just enter my affiliates link directly? I have a feeling this may be a dumb question but it seems to me if I want them to go to my affiliates why not just put my affiliates link in the advertising because thats one click through direct to what they are looking for as opposed to clicking to my site THEN (maybe) clicking one of my affiliates. What do you guys think?

    ALSO, stephenR I read your post on using Myspace and I'm picking up on that and I like the idea. Do you find yourself ever catching grief from myspace for having affiliate links on your myspace profile?

    Thanks guys
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  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi eh2zed,

    It's Adwords that you use for advertising and it's very effective but can get really expensive with no guarantee you will profit or even make your money back. Google has a fairly new rule that only one ad is allowed per domain.
    So if the merchant or another affiliate already has it you are out of luck. ALso be aware most merchant prohibit bidding on their names and many even have protected keywords. Also if you do create your own landing page to send visitors to it needs to be good and pass Googles quality guidelines or they jack the price of the keywords by 200-300% or more.

    So it's a dicey game.

    Don't both with affiliate links on Myspace. People used to get away with it even though its against the TOS. Now Myspace is putting pressure on the networks to make their affiliates stop and some networks will drop you without payment if you advertise there.

    Pretty much any time people find a way to game any system, others find out and all the spammers jump in and ruin it for everyone. So once again there really is no cheap easy way and no shortcut to success. I mean some people luck out with a system for awhile, but not long term.